Poll: Kelly Osbourne as a Hot Blond?

Kelly Osbourne has been tweaking her look for a long time now, and it seems as though she’s finally burst onto the scene in full transformation mode. The girl who was once a chubby punk rocker has now become a thin, cookie-cutter blond, which I guess we’re supposed to herald as a swan-like makeover, but to me it just seems like she’s succumbed to the Hollywood pressure and become an empty shell of her former self.

What do you think?

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    • just b

      she looks 10 years older . . which isn’t a good thing when you’re a woman in your mid 20s

    • jen

      eh, I think she might’ve just grew out of that look. I had my own punk phase and to look at me now you’d never know. There must have been pressure on her to have that punk rock image because of her family, too.

    • lotusflwr

      Her face look disproportionately huge compared to her body. She just looks weird overall. Plus she’s just kind of irrelevant. Not a great combo?

    • nolalola27

      She looks sick & washed out. I’m not against her losing the weight AT ALL, because she needed to, but that blonde hair, black dress, and bad makeup just make her look ill. She needs some color!

    • kendra

      She looks great. She looks happy. Forget the crappy makeup, she doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter blonde to me. She looks like someone who has grown up, recovered from years of addiction, and is now trying to make something of herself. Ease up on the haterade.