Gallery: Nerd Nite’s Best Pick-Up Lines

We know that every single one of you would have loved to have been at Nerd Nite in Brooklyn last Friday. Because you would have learned about the history of illegal pinball! And Monopoly (ripped off from a secretary, a tale of betrayal)! And, oh, you could have done the Nerd Nite speed dating. If you couldn’t be there, don’t worry, we kept track of the 10 best nerdy pick-up lines, and recorded them here:

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    • Eileen

      How “I wish I were your derivative so that I could lie tangent to your curves” didn’t make this list, I’ll never know.

      • Jen

        i just swooned so hard

    • Alexandra

      M y favorite nerdy pick-up line:

      “I’m the king, baby! Wanna go back to my place and put me in check?”

      My least favorite but undeniably classic nerdy pick-up line:

      “Wanna twist my rubiks cube ’till it’s all one color?”