Breaking News: Teen Mom Amber’s Date Is Not A Sex Offender!

Though it was reported earlier in the week that (the worst) mom on MTV’s Teen Mom, Amber Portwood, was dating a sex offender, RadarOnline now reports that the “Chris” seen on a date with Amber on the show is not the same “Chris” who was convicted of pedophilia.  Reports now say that it was a case of mistaken idea; Amber’s “Chris” is not Christopher Glen Hossman, who was convicted of molesting someone under the age of 14.  Although Chris has not been accused of a sex crime, he has said on the show that he has served time, but does not say why.  In addition to both men having the same first name, the two men look uncannily alike.

We never thought we would say it, Amber, but we didn’t have enough faith in you.  We’re proud of you…sort of.

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    • Lauren

      I only watched parts of last nights episode, but he still creeps me out, even though I knew that he was not the child molester that was reported earlier. I could understand why Gary would not want a stranger changing his daughter. I think both Amber and Gary have a lot to learn with the whole parenting thing. But Gary seems to have it more together than Amber does. And I’m pretty sure that on a first date, if the guy told me he just finished serving time, that would be my last date with that guy. And I don’t have a daughter to protect.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I think Amber’s worst offense is the uneven face self-tanner, with the white ring around her mouth.

    • Oh Dear!

      Both Amber and Gary are unfit parents – heck – they are pretty much unfit HUMANS! If they really truly cared about Leah, they would give her up for adoption. It is quite obvious that neither of them have family members that are mentally stable enough to care for a child – so they should do what is right for Leah, and give her up to a good home. Then they should run out and get sterilized. Neither one of those two should be allowed to procreate! Just horrible that these two are alive! LOSERS.

    • Melissa

      I think AMBER PORTWOOD is an ugly fat piece of shit. She is bipolar and extremely immature and makes me want to throw up. She is so ugly and the worst mom. Caring about Leah is an act because she does nothing for her daugther. All of her actions harm her daughter. She should never have kids she’s a disgusting cow, no woman at all. A real woman steps up like Farrah and Maci, she should stay in jail. I felt bad for the therapists who have to listen to her stupid life. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.