• Thu, Oct 14 2010

Are You a Fan of Man Makeup?

Lemondrop recently reported that 3.3 million males in Britain admit to wearing makeup or other kinds of cosmetic products and that, in a study of 1,800 men, “one in seven men wear eyeliner, self-tanner, and concealer on a regular basis.”  Additionally, Lemondrop reports:

“Other products men admitted to using were hair dye, powder, nail polish, anti-aging creams, eye creams and, um, lipstick, with 26 percent saying they used makeup at least once a week. 13 percent said they apply daily, and 20 percent wear makeup to work…And girls are into seeing their guys in mascara: one-third of the men reported borrowing makeup from wives or girlfriends.”

When did this happen?  Am I the only one who has been oblivious to the man-makeup trend?  I don’t care if other men want to use makeup, and I appreciate that it allows men to express themselves and enhance their appearance in a way that shouldn’t be limited to only women (ala Jay Manuel of America’s Next Top Model fame), and am all for men using makeup to conceal cystic acne, scars, and other skin conditions.  That being said, I like my own boyfriend makeup-free.  Thoughts?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • Kelly Stevens

    The troube with polls like this is that there are not enough choices. “Would I have a problem with my boyfriend wearing make up?” Yes, if he looked like Lemondrop! No, if he was very careful to use it simply as an enhancement. Eyeliner can make the eyes look very good. We can wear as much as we want. A man probably should limit his eyeliner to ” Wow, that guys got great eyes” not ” Holly crap, that guys wearing make up.” Same thing with a tanner or a dash of blush or something to cover the zits. You should not be able to notice a man’s make up.