No Wolf for You: Joe Manganiello is Engaged

I was already a “True Blood” fan by the time Joe Manganiello dropped onto the scene, but if I weren’t, it’s entirely possible that I would have started watching then. Manganiello plays Alcide Herveaux, a kind-hearted (and beautiful) werewolf who is brought on to protect Sookie…because that’s what everyone does. Like, all the characters are assigned to protect Sookie.


Manganiello proposed to his girlfriend, Audra Marie, in Italy last week. A Google search reveals little about Marie, except this video when she auditioned to be the “Ultimate Spike Girl,” revealing that she can’t be beat in Mario Kart and that she’s good at kickboxing. Manganiello hasn’t said much more about her publicly, except that she’s “a great dresser. She’s gorgeous, and she’s tall. And she’s sweet … nice. And she makes crazy English breakfasts.”

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