Teen Mom Amber Could Have Daughter Taken Away From Her

Up until now, I thought Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood’s worst offense was the uneven, orange self-tanner she insisted on applying all over her face, and leaving a white ring around her mouth.

I guess I never took her and Gary’s problems too seriously.  After them breaking up and getting back together in every episode, it kind of seemed like white noise and I would tune them out.  However, one episode was enough to launch an investigation into Amber’s parenting style.  One episode featured Amber’s ex-fiance and baby daddy, Gary Shirley, threatening to call child protective services on her, after she physically attacked him by smacking him in the face and hitting him repeatedly, almost causing him to fall down the stairs. The episode was enough to get the attention of law officials.  On September 28 2010, Anne Holton of the Department of Child Services of Anderson, Indiana, told OK! magazine, “We have an ongoing assessment with regard to the family of Amber Portwood, and we continue to work with law enforcement on this matter.”

Both Amber and Gary will be interviewed on the matter.  MTV has removed the episode in question from their website for the time being.

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    • Moshaspoon

      ;Amber has repeatedly shown that she is an Unfit Mother, both by the lack of Mothering skills provided to Baby Leah, her disregard of her crying, providing a comfortable and well equipped area for sleeping and playing, providing a clean area for living, providing adequate nourishments, her bonding and nurturing for/to Leah, her domestic care. Amber is Lazy, Loud, Negative, and Ignorant. As far as her Relationship with Gary, she is Physically and Mentally Abusive to Gary. She has demonstrated that MANY TIMES on PUBLIC Television. The Cameramen witness it full on as they are filming it and it would seem that they should have a responsibility to REPORT any Incidents that are HARMFUL or DISRUPTIVE to the AUTHORITIES. Gary is a Very WEAK MAN, with low esteem and he may think that trying to work things out with Amber for Leah’s Sake would be Best, It is actually the Worst and setting up a Scene that could end up to be very Nasty.
      My questions at this time is Why is Leah still being allowed to be in this atmoshere and Environment?
      Why hasn’t Gary started a Paper Trail with the Police?
      Why aren’t the Cameramen and others that have first hand knowledge and visual evidence of the Neglect and Abuse being held responsible for not reporting it?
      Why isn’t AMBER IN JAIL!!!!
      Now she has latched on to a New Boyfriend that she knows absolutely nothing about and she has just thrown Leah off to him to care for as she lays wrapped up in the bed , as she calls it Resting…Resting, from what, yelling, crying , complaining, and just being a B++++. She needs to be laying in a Jail Cell awaiting sentencing for Multiple Counts of ABUSE and NEGLECT To both Leah and Gary, and maybe Attempted Muder…. If Gary had fallen down the steps, when she knocked him in the back of his head, there is a possibility he could have died or had permanent damage…

    • Meggeh

      I’ll just come right out and say that probably, exploiting your children for the sake of reality television makes you a bad mother right there.

    • Brianna

      Watching Amber lash out this whole season of teen mom has been crazy! First of all its clear that Amber has issues and needs help. I do believe that she loves her child, but i also believe that she could definitely work on being a more fit mother. The finale special shows Amber crying and trying to reach out for help, i dont think its fair when people criticize her, why dont we instead have sympathy and pray for her to get the help she needs? Obviously she grew up in a domestic home as well, and thats all she knows. I do have sympathy for her, i think she needs help not only from a therapist but from God as well. I pray that God can help out their situation.

      • Jeanette

        Agreed. :)

    • Ashley

      I don’t think that Amber or Gary should have cutody of Leah. Amber is abusive, shes a good person that needs to work on herself before she can handle a child. Gary just doesn’t really care that much. I found myself almost to ears when I saw how Amber just kicked Gary out and went downstairs with her 1 year old daughter upstairs vunrable by herself. And then the scene where Leah has tears down her eyes awake lying in her crib. That is sad. The episode where Gary gets up to go to work… he get Leah out of her crib and lets her run around, thats fine but when he left Amber REFUSED to look after her. She doesn’t care if her own baby is crying she just slams the door and trys to cover up the crying. Oh and Amber needs to STOP CUSSING INFRONT OF LEAH.
      As Dr.Drew said, Leah is quite clear on whats happening. She deserves to go to a loving home.

    • ashh

      i think that amber and gary are both lazy and leah should be taken away from them both and cared for properly!

    • JUlie

      I think that they should of given up Leah for adoption, only because I don’t think they are good parents, and an innocent child deserves a happy home!
      Amber does have a problem, and saying sorry, I won’t do it anymore…is not going to matter, because she really cannot control herself. She NEEDS professional help, and even if they granted custody to Gary, he might get back together with her, and then they will be in the same situation.

    • Jocelyn Davis

      Amber is clearly doing all the dramatics for the cameras. im not buying all the crying and dripping mascara. she probably didnt think her antics would blow up like they did. aside from the bad acting—horrible mother and role model. who just lets their kid cry while they “rest”….? get it together….in a nutshell, amber get off ur lazy ass, clean that nasty apartment, tend to ur child, cut the dramatics and invest in waterproof mascara. Gary! get a effin backbone and stand up for ur child and yourself…..if the tables were turned she would be milking the hell out of this….and dont get me started on the creepy “new boyfriend”….hes the one who needs to be smacked around…..ughh…..kids havin kids n playin house.

    • Heather

      Amber needs help not to have her child taken from her. Both Amber and Gary should get help and stay toggther to raise there child. People talk about them but she is a TEEN MOM hello she needs parenting classes to learn how to be a good mom. To the person who said she shouldn’t cuss in front of her child Amber is not the only MOM OR DAD in america who does that.

    • UnderINK

      Are you guys nuts? Gary is a terrible father. She needs to be taken from them both. Gary puts himself before his daughter or anybody else. Then uses reverse psychology to make Amber think he’s doing the right thing. Amber’s frustrated and abusive, but part of me wonders if she’d be like that if she wasn’t around such a lousy, lazy piece of shit.

    • jessica

      Why do children have too be ripped away? Most situations are the same bratty teen parents who are not prepared by their parents to deal with adult life,most get pregnant to get away from the poor parenting they are getting at home,(a desperate cry for love,help and family) how about we help finish raise them order counseling and parenting classes give them the support and financial help also transportation we will provide for the many money hungry foster parents out there that don’t love the children? If they don’t comply then consider the removal of the children.but most want and need that help and the children are happy and not traumatized and everyone wins! Instead we pay people that we don’t know anything about except they went to a ten hour course and don’t have a felony on record its pathetic!!!! LET’S HELP RAISE THESE PARENTS AND GIVE THEM THE COPING SKILLS THEY NEED TO BE THE BEST THEy CAN BE, OBVIOUSLY THEIR IS AN EPIDEMIC OF SPOILED CHILDREN BY LAZY PARENTS THAT HAVE BABIES TOO YOUNG.THE PARENTS LET THEM AND THEIR GRANDCHILDREN DOWN…..WHY ARE WE?