Video: South Park Parodies Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, and Jerseylicious

I’ve never watched South Park before, being a girl and all, but my boyfriend just told me that an episode last night featured characters from three of my favorite shows:  Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, and Jerseylicious!  This will probably be the only episode of South Park you ever enjoy (or watch), so here is the full episode:

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    • Lauren

      i fucking love south park all the time.. not just this once..
      guess i’m not as cool as you hahahahah

    • non

      i haven’t watched south park in a long time but i watched last night. it was HILARIOUS! go watch it now! :)

    • Claire

      Yeah, I love southpark… Seems like it would appeal to a lot of the other readers for thegloss too. I’m confused why it’s so obvious that women wouldn’t like it…. Its crude, yes, but a hilarious commentary on society. You should watch a few more of them before you knock it.

      • Jo

        Yeah ditto on Claire’s comment. Most twenty-something females I know have definitely seen south park, and most find it funny. Even if the assumption is based on the south park poll in your office, the “being a girl and all” part seems to go against what the gloss is supposed to be about… right?

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      Hey that’s cool that you like South Park! Here at The Gloss most of us haven’t watched it, and the majority of our readers (women in their 20s and older) aren’t exactly South Park’s target audience, so that was our assumption. I think I’ll enjoy more episodes after seeing this one!

    • jaimie

      South Park is definitely not a gender-neutral show, so it’s a little contradictory that so many find this post offensive.