Why I Hate “The View”

This. Because of this, right here.

Look, is it valid to disagree with Bill O’Reilly? Yes. Of course it is. Personally, from what I’ve seen of his show, I think Bill O’Reilly is an patronizing ass. I think there are a lot of people who probably agree that Bill O’Reilly is an ass (let’s say 90% of people who watch The Daily Show). I think he makes himself sound like an ass when he says things like “listen to me, you might learn something” as though Joy Behar was his 11 year old granddaughter. And because of that, if you’re a thinking grown-up then it should be pretty easy to win an argument with him. And I would have been delighted to see that happen. But it didn’t. Because these women are monkeys.

How do you not win an argument? How is the only way you don’t win an argument, ever? By putting your fingers in bunny ears behind someone’s head and screaming “pinhead! Pinhead!” And then responding to statements about how 70% of people don’t want a mosque built near the World Trade Center site with “I’m an American! I’m an American too!” Joy, this is like screaming “I like pickles!” That may well be true, but it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Nor is yelling “show me the poll!” going to be all that effective. Odds are, someone isn’t just going to make up a statistic on air. I mean, I guess you could try it. You’d be found out immediately afterwards because the Internet exists, but you could try it. But Bill O’Reilly didn’t - it was a poll from CNN. From August, but okay. Actually, you know one way to have approached that argument? To maybe talk about how people’s opinions might have evolved in the past two months as we became better informed about aspects of the mosque and… whatever. I’m not going to try to win this argument for them. I’m not on my high school debate team anymore. And this really isn’t about the argument. It’s about how The View seems to be comprised of women who are perfectly happy to be seen as irrational harpies.

Look, Bill O’Reilly is not a specimen no one has encountered before. These women are presumably intelligent and well prepared. They should know exactly what to expect. Besides, his attitudes aren’t that uncommon. Back home I like to call men like him “all my dad’s friends.” Do they say things like “listen to me, you might learn something?” Yes. And when they do, you take a breath, and you think, “you do not  mean to be an asshole, your golf game did not go well today, and your wife is very possibly cheating on you with your caddy.” And then you try to smile at them as you say “Huh. Well, gosh, I guess I hadn’t looked at it that way. That’s an interesting point. But have you considered that…” And then you bring up facts. Good, hard, solid facts. Facts that have nothing to do with how you feel about anything. Don’t be a human being in these discussions, Joy Behar, be a fact machine. Try to have some modicum of respect for the other person and you might actually have an interesting discussion, and maybe – maybe – get them to see things from your point of view. Or you might, legitimately, learn something.

But when you just get up and yell and walk off the stage, you look like a huffy infant whose convictions are so flimsy that they can`t even stand in opposition to someone like Bill O`Reilly’s. I’m sorry – I seriously don’t understand how any of these women get to host a talk show. They seem like everything that misogynistic males think women are like when it comes to talking about world issues (overly emotional, prone to screaming, inclined to name calling, incapable of restraint). Elizabeth Hasselback throws out some strange sort of nonsense-ball and she still comes off better just because she’s not screaming (and her hair is real, real pretty). This just makes me want to bury my head in my hands and weep.

Good Lord, why does this show exist? Why does it exist?

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    • haironmychest

      jennifer, i knew we always had SOMETHING in common.

    • Larr

      Why does Behar and Goldberg just come out and say they hate America and white Males. then we know who they are tell the true Behar and Goldberg , just tell us
      all how you hate us. then we know that Iran has you both as friends and we can understand .

      • Mel

        Larr definitely missed the point on this one and was asleep during grammar class, too.

      • nolalola27


    • Eileen

      I love The Gloss hardcore right now.


      Because you have reassured me that my reasons for hating “SATC” (see a post on hating Carrie that is my favorite thing ever) and “The View” do not make me a misogynistic anti-feminist. Which enough people were seriously starting to make me think I was.

      Seriously. They scream. They whine. They never let each other get a word in edgewise. And quite honestly, they’re bitchy. They make women – intelligent, thoughtful women who can make a point without crying, yelling, or invoking things that really don’t apply – look bad. I hate “The View” because most of the women I know actually can carry on a conversation.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Why I love Eileen and Jennifer Wright:

        Eileen actually understood my whole hating on SATC and Carrie Bradshaw article – thank you!

        And Jennifer tends to make me laugh so hard I cry… oh, AND she uses the word cunt like it’s nobody’s business… that’s a beautiful thing.

      • Eileen

        No, thank YOU, Amanda! I didn’t see the show until I was a freshman in college, and I thought that there was something wrong with me in that I didn’t like Carrie. When I finally realized it was because she is obsessed with herself, makes it “fashionable” to have been gainfully employed for over a decade and yet have under $1000 in savings, and treats men like vibrators attached to ATMs rather than human beings, my roommate, and later my sister, told me I was crazy. You have reassured me that I might just not be.

        Jennifer I love for the obvious reasons.

    • Leah

      I definitely agree with your argument, but I bet it sure would be hard to have a rational conversation with Bill O’Reilly. It’s kind of what he’s known for. I almost walked up and stormed away from my computer just while watching this clip.

    • Karen

      Why I don’t hate Jennifer Wright: Because she apparently thinks SO MUCH LIKE ME AND THAT IS OBVZ COMPLETELY AWESOME. Because I love her. (woo)

      • Jennifer Wright

        Thank you! And no one has called me a cunt ALL WEEK! I love you too, stranger, lets go eat some donuts, plan counter-attacks on Bill O’Reilly.

      • Karen

        Love from a stranger is just THE BEST, ain’t it? Oh wait. I’ve said too much. Okay, I’m raising my donut to you JW!

    • ashmoth

      exactly. huffing and puffing and name-calling or storming off = no facts to stand on. Debate the guy! can you call women douche-bags?

      • Jayson

        Add a u after the o in your moniker and it’ll suit you perfectly.

    • nolalola27

      Jennifer, I adore you.

      I would have LOVED to have had the opportunity to neatly school that loudmouthed prick. I would not have stormed off, making it look like anyone who disagrees with him can’t actually participate in a relevant, though-out debate.

    • LOLZCoaster

      Yet another reason to prove how and why women can’t be rational, free thinking, understanding, empathetic, or calm in any debate or conversation. YET AGAIN…. *Sigh*

    • cmbonham

      Look Joy and Woopie are smart women and the reacted with humans emotions. Maybe they could have been more professional about it but come on it Bill O’Rielly who is a racist and a narcissistic maniac. Look I practice Buddhism and study many different religions. Muslims are not all terrorist just a small extreme radical group just like some radical christian groups drinking cool-aid juice and timothy Mcbay bomber Using religion for bad is wrong no matter what race, religion or political party you belong to. I grew up right wing republican and christian. I decided to change to buddhist and indepentent . We need to focus on the good in life, the good parts of religion, saving the earth and loving or families better. We should learn the truth and not the half truths. In the end the media, tv and movies give is a small glimpse into other peoples lives and it sometimes just for ratings and not real. People open your eyes to the truth not half truth and lies we are told. Peace to you all

    • Pete from Boston

      Well, did you expect perhaps a different outcome? O’Reilly was surrounded by a bunch of females. He took advantage of this fact, rattled his antagonists, and carried the day with an indefensible argument. He even went so far as to lie to Barbara Walters’ face about something he said just seconds ago. That performance would have been skewered by Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton, or anyone who could stay calm and keep to the facts of the debate.

    • docdorrance

      these women are insane. this screaming and “rabbit ears” mentality is such a pathetic joke. opinions, we all know everybody has one. grow up people. The “terrorist Muslin” is simply a danger to the world. Denounce them and join in their defeat. then maybe America will believe in your professed peaceful coexistence.

    • Jayson

      “Good Lord, why does this show exist? Why does it exist?”

      Because you and everyones uncle watches it.

    • thehawk

      I love you for this post. Joy and Whoopie were freakishly unprofessional

    • Dremple

      I love how Intolerant these women are of Other Viewpoints of Muslem Beliefs, but those two in particular bash Christianity on a weekly Basis….where is the outrage there.
      The Hippocracy is what makes me sick!

    • Shae

      Hear, hear.

      “Actually, you know one way to have approached that argument?”

      How about something like, 70% of people once thought slavery was a good idea, but majority rule doesn’t trump minority rights. Or several dozen other examples of the sort.

    • Valerie

      Thank you. Watching that clip last week infuriated me, and not just because Bill-O is an ass. Bunny ears? Really??

    • Laura

      I had heard of this incident but had not watched the clip until reading your article (thank you for embedding in the article!) and I could not have said it better. Joy and Whoopi’s actions portray them as 2 year olds having a hissy fit because dad took away their toys. I’m embarrased that I play for the same team as those two idiots. Running daily Barbara Walters interview specials would be a far better use of a 1hr block of daytime television.

    • Kevin McHurley

      The entire thing was staged by those two idiots (Whoopie and the stupid redhead). I don’t think Barbra knew, however, as it looked like she was disgusted. Bill O’Reilly is one of the best personalities on TV, and is the ONLY show that has BOTH right AND left opinions (unlike MSNBC, those racist-employers). It was so easy for him to get them wound up – I laughed at their insecurity and their unprofessionalism, just like I do at all women who act/react that way. Way to go, girls, you continue to prove all the stereotypes about your gender to be 100% TRUE!!!! Hooray for stereotypes!!! P.S. I absolutely LOVE the comment above about slavery – just adds to the ridiculousness of this entire post. Please leave slavery out of the conversation. It’s been over for a long, long time and the only people who still use that as a defense are RACISTS.