These Cupcakes Are Filled With Pie

When I first heard about pumpkin pie cupcakes I thought “oh, so they made some cupcakes that are pumpkin pie flavored. Big deal. They make ones that are, like, rhubarb/licorice flavored at the vegan place down the street.” I did not realize that they baked the pie right in there! It’s there! See! Right there! IN THE CUPCAKE! My dream of frosted pie comes ever closer to reality. Check out the recipe at Foodbeast.

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      Jen! You’re one step closer! The minute you find frosted pie, one of us has to make a road trip. You up to come to Indiana? Or should I think about NYC?

    • shoppingqueen4755

      i tried this recipe out and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! all of the guys in the office love me for it now!