Gallery: 80s Movies Characters Make the Best Boyfriends

Film in the 80s pretty much rocked. Rocked so much, in fact, that pretty much every good movie is being re-made or sequelized (yes, I made that word up and yes, you wish you did too). Footloose, the re-make, just wrapped filming and now there’s talk of a Top Gun 2. I think we can all agree that Tom Cruise in the 1980s was way more desirable than he is now and so I have little hope for the sequel. But nonetheless, Maverick was a pretty suave guy. Goose was pretty cute too. Now that I think about it, I’d prefer Goose over the boring Maverick because he’s loyal, hilarious and he can totally sing. I love a man who can serenade me. Which got me thinking: what other characters from 80s movies would I want to date? A lot of them are John Hughes creations, but who can blame me?

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    • Mel

      You wouldn’t want to date Lloyd Dobler?!

      • Alanna

        Agreed! He’s pretty much perfect. I’m a little upset he didn’t make the list.

    • G

      That pic of john cusack is from when he starred in The Sure Thing. Also a great flick though.

    • Rayna

      Woah. Your missing Marty McFly!

      • georgia

        Thankyou! I was waiting to see him on the slideshow :) who wouldn’t want to date Michael J. Fox?!

    • Mags

      What?! Blane (Andrew McCarthy) from Pretty in Pink isn’t on the list! Who wouldn’t want a good-looking boyfriend with a BMW who tells you he loves you at the prom???

      • Jillian Engel

        He’s a top contender. But, he’s a little insecure. He has trouble deciding whether his reputation is more important than who he dates. But in other news, Pretty in Pink has been playing basically every weekend without fail on WE.

    • Marissa

      Jake Ryan is so ridiculously good looking. I could stare into those browns all day. I seriously think he is the boy I’ve compared all other boys’ looks to. In fact, he bears quite the resemblance to my fiance.

    • sti

      I don’t know if I can forgive the omission of Keith from Some Kind of Wonderful. Artistic, can fix your car, honest, ginger-haired. Mmmm..sorry spaced out for a minute..

    • Mary

      Ducky!!! (from Pretty in Pink, naturally) I had such a HUGE crush on him. I also really wanted John Cusack’s best friend in Better Off Dead

    • Miss Kitty Fantastico

      How can you forget Lloyd Dobler?! He is the ULTIMATE 80s man… or man for any decade, really. :)

      As for Pretty in Pink… its all about the Ducky. I’d take him any day over Steff.