Wait – Hairy Leg Tights? Why?

When I first saw this J. Crew ad, I thought “oh, that girl has hairy legs. Well, that’s certainly eye-catching. And kind of subversive, maybe? Although, really, I guess a lot of models are coming from cultures where shaving your legs isn’t taken to be a complete norm the way it is in America so…” and then I realized that her legs weren’t hairy at all.

They’re tights.

They’re tights that make her look like her thighs have developed hypertrichosis (the Jojo The Dogfaced Boy disease).

Now, look, shave your legs. Don’t shave your legs. That’s fine. But this is like getting a Brazilian and then meticulously pasting false eyelashes all over your Venus patch.

I do not understand.

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    • Karen

      I would certainly never wear these. I do, however wear J Crew’s hairy panties. Because a horrifying surprise in bed is always good for a dude. But I have messed my husband up, so you might choose to not.

    • Ana

      Dear Author,question: have you ever been outside of the US (not counting Mexico)? You seem really ignorant about the “cultures where a lot of models are coming from”. A person with such ugly prejudices wouldn’t even be be given to write obituaries in these “cultures where a lot of models are coming from”. Also, I can assure You in those cultures, people are actually civil,have culture and home-attained good manners and they probably take better care of their hygiene than any American. And they sure are a gazillion times better looking.

    • bleeeeh

      Dude… Those are lace leggings dumbass… not hairy legged leggings.. Quit being annoying..