This Is What A Computer Engineer Looks Like?

This is Mattel’s new computer engineer Barbie. I had never known that being a computer engineer entails wearing sequined pants and browsing some sort of Barbie based site. Being a computer engineer is so much sparklier and pinker than I ever expected. – Mattel

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    • pinkdragon

      It kinda looks like Garcia from “Criminal Minds”! Except for the whole being a plastic doll thing…

    • Valentine

      I really don’t see the problem. Yes, computer engineers CAN wear sequined pants, just like anyone else in any other profession. Being a computer engineer doesn’t mean you have to dress corporate or manly or conservative or uncreative or boring. She looks comfortable and hasn’t lost the quintessential Barbie-ness of her style. I’d buy this for my kid.

    • Lauren

      I’m not quite a computer engineer, but I am a website developer so I know how to code and junk, so I think I qualify to wear this at work. I always felt like I wasn’t taken seriously enough by my male co-workers. I now understand why no one will listen to my opinion… It’s because my shoes don’t match my glasses, watch, laptop, and iPod. I’m glad Barbie pointed this out to me. I must get some glasses ASAP because EVERYONE who works with computers should be wearing glasses, and girls should wear pink ones so they are easily identified as female. I don’t know what I was thinking…

    • Bob V

      Just to be contrary: why should a Barbie geared toward overcome stereotypes regarding appropriate careers for women reinforce stereotypes about the career itself?

      Would it really be better if she wore an ill-fitting t-shirt featuring an impenetrable mathematical joke and cheetos stuck to it?

      • Eileen


        You can be pretty and also smart. You can be stylish and also competent. There’s absolutely no reason why a gorgeous blonde in pink and sparkles can’t be a great computer engineer.