Cynthia Nixon Wears Comfortable Shoes, Newspaper Is Confused

Cynthia Nixon was in Sex and the City, which means that she is required to be impossibly glamorous at all times. So, at a recent event she wore a really beautiful one-shouldered evening gown with a pair of comfortable flat-soled sandals, and the Daily Mail is confused about this set of circumstances. They’ve even come up with the incredibly clever headline “Not So Sexy In the City,” in case we missed the point. Whatever – I think Cynthia looked gorgeous, and I like how happy she and her partner are in this photo. As the lone Gloss staff member who wears flats, someone has to rep the girls who like practical footwear.

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    • arhakim

      Ridiculous. Cynthia looks great!

    • Kelly

      Woah woah woah. I’m more surprised that you are the only Gloss gal who wears flats. Flats are cute! and comfy! and playful and unstuffy and laid-back! Who wouldn’t want to wear them??