Poll: Would You Do A Pre-Wedding Sex Ban?

Image via WENN

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, aka the most overshare-y couple on the planet, have announced that they’re abstaining from sex from now until their upcoming wedding. I’m of two minds on that – on one hand, I like the idea of making the wedding night a little more special, even if you guys have been sexing each other for ages, by having the chance to miss each other a little bit. On the other hand, wedding planning seems like a really stressful thing, and what is a better stress reliever than sex?

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    • Leah

      It seems like it would be kind of fake. Like pretending that you haven’t already been banging for ages. You’re wedding night will be special anyway, because you’ll be hammered and just spent hours with all the attention on you.

      And because I would never do something that Katy Perry thinks is a good idea. Aside from Russell Brand.