Poll: Should You Move For Love?

This season on Teen Mom (shut up, I know I’m obsessed, okay?), one of the young moms, Maci, moved from her hometown in Tennessee to Nashville, a few hours away, to be closer to her boyfriend. However, once she and her young son made the move, Maci’s relationship quickly fell apart. Part of the reason she and her boyfriend, Kyle, split was that he had a whole life – including a job with demanding hours – in Nashville, and she only had him. As a result, Kyle felt smothered and pressured and Maci felt ignored and isolated. However, teenagers aren’t the only people who make the decision to relocate because of a romantic relationship.

Now, Page Six reports that Carey Mulligan and Shia LeBeouf have broken up, and that Carey is moving back to her native England. On The Real Housewives of DC, Cat Ommaney moved to DC from London after a whirlwind romance with her husband Charles, only to wind up divorced when they realized their affair didn’t translate as well into married life.

Have you ever moved to another town or city for a relationship? If so, why did you do it, and was it ultimately a good decision for you?

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    • Eileen

      This is actually my biggest fear about marriage. My roommates and I decided about a week ago that the litmus test for being in love is whether you find Gladys Knight romantic or crazy when she sings “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

    • m

      I moved from NY to Chicago for a relationship, that after nearly 4 years, ended up not working out. I don’t regret the move though and wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for him, so yes, i have and would move for love.

    • Lily

      I am moving continents to move to my now husband whom I met 16 year ago during an internship. It may sound crazy, but I always expected for love to turn my life completely upside down, so having to bridge a distance over months and moving so far away, does not scare me in the least.
      The thing is: when it comes to love, there are NO guarantees, and if YOU believe that it is worth it, you WILL regret not doing everything in your power to make it work, even if it later falls apart.
      One can learn from relationships gone wrong, but never taking the risk will get us nothing but regret.

    • anon

      I moved from Portland to San Diego for a relationship. I gave up an amazing school, because he needed to be near his band. Over four years later, we broke up. And I don’t regret it in the least, because I ended up in LA, near my family, and with a roommate who I fell madly in love with (and loves me in return). Whether or not it works out, it can lead to great things.