8 More Friends You Need to Ditch Right Now

The Frisky recently wrote an article about “5 Friends You Need to Ditch Right Now.” We thought it was so great here at The Gloss that we decided to come up with some more examples.  Here are our picks for 8 more friends that you need to ditch right now.   Warning: you might find, as we did, that some of these examples describe you at times.

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    • Leah

      Penny Pincher and Mooch are good ones. They can also fall into the category of I Always Have Money to Go Get Shitfaced, But I Will Never Have Money to Go To An Event With You. That one is annoying too.

    • nolalola27

      I don’t know what to call this one, but I have a friend who lives close by, and works at my neighborhood bar. We’ve been friends for longer than she’s worked at this bar, and used to hang out all the time. Now, she only calls me or texts me to come hang out WHEN SHE’S WORKING, which means that she’s going to spend the majority of the time ignoring me (because she’s WORKING and not HANGING OUT), and then I have to pay her and tip her well afterwards. I’d rather hang out OUTSIDE of her work hours (she only works 2 days/week, lucky bitch), but she’s never available. Whatever name you’d give her, I’m dropping her.

    • sup

      haha im totally a wishy-washy person xD n at other times, the habitual canceller…but keep in mind that i m the habitual canceller to those ppl that fit in one of those 8 categories above lol ironic.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I found I can definitely be a Habitual Canceler/Postponer, too! It’s usually because I’d rather be home watching reality TV in my pajamas than going out.

    • Jillian

      Penny pinchers who never ever want to go out to dinner are the worst. At least get an appetizer.

    • Kat

      Haha…I think I’ve been the One-Upper before. Unfortunately, I am friends with a Mooch who still owes me for lunch but has yet to pay me back.

    • nope

      I cancel because I have horrible social anxiety and think if I spend time with people, they’ll hate me. Soooo. Bear that one in mind when someone cancels a lot.

    • G

      I don’t think I’m a fairweather friend, but I do have a rule. If I was dating someone BEFORE I became your friend, sorry they come first. However, if I was friends with you AFTER I got the boyfriend, you come first.

      • G

        Wait, I screwed that up. I meant if I was friends with you before I got the boyfriend, you come first. You know what I mean.