Look of the Day: Kristen Stewart

Much maligned Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart looked lovely in Valentino at the New York premiere of her new indie, Welcome to the Rileys. Stewart’s radiance is likely owed to looking like less of a sourpuss than usual, whether that be from her fresh-scrubbed skin, minimal make-up and matte lips or, you know, getting to wear a gorgeous Valentino minidress.  Either way, she looks super fit and that smile seems only slightly begrudging.

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    • Skinny

      She’s hiding those thumbs awfully tight.

    • nolalola27

      She still looks uncomfortable and awkward but it’s her schtick so I’m not gonna hate, besides, she does look better than I’ve ever seen her look. Good job Mumbles McShoegazey!

    • macalny

      “Super fit”???? She looks about as fit as a wet paper bag! What is up with women seeming to be incapable of standing up straight these days? Is her head really THAT heavy? Why are women so slouchy all the time? It makes me sick. Everyone – EVERYONE – looks awful when they don’t hold their head up and put their shoulders back, yet so many women walking the streets of NYC seem to think it’s uncool to look tall and thin so instead they allow their chest to be all concave and their shoulders to round. This look is horrible and when “stars” like this chick do it I fear it makes others more likely to think it’s acceptable. Gross. Although the dress is awesome, she wears it poorly.

    • drea

      IDK, to me she always just look tired and pissed off…probably from sitting up nights thinking about how she’ll never be taken seriously as an actress again.

    • Ashley C

      I agree her posture (always) leaves a lot to be desired