The House of Dereon Spine Tattoo Is a Total Ripoff

When those House of Dereon for Temptu ads for temporary tattoos came out, featuring this photo of Beyonce rocking a spine tat, we thought they looked impossibly cool. Our friend and colleague, Blisstree Associate Editor Carrie Sloan, thought so too. So she and her roommate bought some. When the tattoos arrived in the mail, they sure didn’t match up to the ones in the ads – instead of covering her whole back, the tattoos were about three or four inches long. Maybe that would work on Barbie, but not on a regular human-sized woman. Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

False advertising much? Talk about a total waste of $16. If somebody wants these, we’re happy to resell them for just $13. They’re still in the original packaging and everything.

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    • Laynie

      Actually, it isn’t false advertising if you read the copy on the Temptu web page for the House of Dereon temporary tattoos.

      “this collectible kit of temporary tattoos includes versions of the exclusive designs and tattoo essentials used on set to achieve the “real tattoo” looks featured on Beyoncé in Deréon’s Fall 2010 campaign, resized to smaller scale for easy at-home application.”

      This is simply a case of “buyer beware,” unfortunately.

    • kate

      is that a vibrator on the coffee table?

    • Me

      Resized to a SMALLER SCALE! Read the fine print before getting mad and waste your money. I personally love them. I’m Beyoncé’s biggest fan and just to support her and her mother in this venture is an honor for me.

    • Jessica

      Do you still have these? I would be happy to buy them from you. . . I am actually getting the spine tattoo on my wrist and would love to try it out one last time first. Please email me!!!

    • Lexi

      I work in advertising and this is definitely false advertising. It’s not just slightly smaller, (which would of been ok) it’s about 5 times smaller that what is advertised. You don’t see a pink lipstick advertised in an ad and then when you buy it, it’s blue?!

      It’s definitely going to lure the customer into thinking they are getting what’s on Beyonce. That’s the reason why people would want to buy it, to get that look, it’s very specific. If you’re showing a back tattoo that covers the entire back, well people will want that, not something that’s 5×5, it looks stupid.

      They failed, whether you love her for her music or whatever the advertisers really stuffed up and there will be a lot of angry customers.
      Many people don’t read fine print, so they knew that it would work in that sense to trick the customer.