Gallery: What It Means to Be a Big Girl

I’m not talking about big girls as in size. I’m talking about putting on your big girl pants and growing into a beautiful, confident, grown-ass woman. Typically this happens in your 20s and 30s — when you’re past the self-discovery stage and moving to a stage of perfecting and establishing that self to be really, really awesome. The Lady Scouts of America honor ladies accomplishing big girl moments by awarding them with badges. Really hilarious and yet extremely truthful badges, to be precise. Did I wear my bathing suit bottoms as underwear in my last laundry day and not care? Sadly, no, because I am not that clever. But if I did, I’d get a badge for it. Even though the “campfire girls for grown-ass women” have been thorough in their badge-giving, we’ve thought of a few more big girl moments that deserve some recognition.

P.S. I wrote this entire post from my iPhone due to a temporary computer shortage in the office. That deserves a badge. And a hand massage. And a really delicious piece of chocolate cake. Or an entire chocolate cake.

[Editor's Note: That is true. And this is a good reason to get a chocolate cake for the office.]

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    • nolalola27

      I’ve accomplished all of those except the taxes, but I just use the online one where they spell out what you’re doing. It even works for the crazy forms like 1099.

      Thanks for this post, because now I’m obsessed with the Lady Scouts of America!!

    • virt

      Perhaps, “Big girl” should actually call up Dad to simply know how he is doing instead of pretending to make small talk so that you don’t feel weird “using” him (which i suppose is the only “Big Girl”s want from their fathers)

      • Kitty

        ….She didn’t say she pretended to make small talk. She said she made sure to call him. Meaning she makes a conscious effort to call him just to see how he is and talk to him. I think it’s sweet. It shows she cares about her dad’s feelings.

    • Leah

      Haha I love this! I just got my first Big Girl job and I’m moving to Big Girl city where I’ll have a Big Girl 1 bedroom apartment. I can’t wait to check the other things off the list!

    • gotplaid

      KILLED A BUG on Saturday. By myself. Didn’t even scream. Didn’t call my three male roommates for help. I’m an adult.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Man, I feel like such a grown-up!! This is awesome. My favorite line: “the day I don’t have to call my neighbor whom I don’t even know to get rid of the stink bug in my kitchen, and I kill that dirty creature myself will be the day I’m officially a lady.” Hilarious.

    • Jen Dziura

      Is it bragging if it’s gross? Here goes: I once killed all the bedbugs in a 4-bedroom apartment. I used a vacuum cleaner, smashing, a bellows full of drione dust, and some exterminating products I special-ordered from a website that sells products to professional exterminators. And more smashing.