• Thu, Oct 21 2010

Grrr Friend: Spending Wisely

Like many couples, Ben and Meredith don’t totally agree on how to spend money.

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  • nolalola27

    Seriously. Why is in an online magazine frequented by women? Grrr Friend is always portrayed as cruel, childish, verbally-abusive, and chubby, while Boyfriend is always hen-pecked and rational. I’ve got a sense of humor too (and love the Vag Mag videos), but these are just unfunny and offensive.

    And the drawing style keeps making my heart go “Ren & Stimpy! Hooray!” and then I’m all disappointed.

  • johnnycomelately

    Dude, hear ya. But think of the pie costs.

    • vanessa


      ^ Win

  • RumbleFiche

    Maybe you two should focus on GROWING the pie?

  • Laura

    Nolalola27, I call bullshit on your critique since much of b5′s content, like crushable, is full of self hate posts. This comic seems to be less about a skewed view of the female sensibility and more a fun snippet about relationships.

    Would you prefer a comic for about shoes, cocaine and being single?

    • Ben Schwartz

      Who wouldn’t prefer a comic about shoes, cocaine and being single?