Poll: Does Size Matter?

Over at Gawker, there’s an entire article about how to deal with a guy who has a small dick. Suggestions include cheating, anal, and Kegels, among others.

But I think the real question is: does it matter? Men want to know, women want to know, and I suspect that the answer we are going to wind up with is…everyone feels differently about it, so if you’re a short-dick man, you probably just need to find someone who doesn’t mind.

Nevertheless, let’s poll this shit:

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Eileen

      I mean, yes, it matters if it’s two inches long. Or three inches thick. Can I request this in a medium, please? For what it’s worth, I’ve yet to come across a penis that didn’t seem to be the appropriate size.

    • nolalola27

      It does depend. Small is subjective. Can you hide the boner in the palm of your lady’s hand? Can he do wonders with his tongue & fingers? Is he insanely hot? All of these questions are important, and will affect whether or not he’s “too small.”

    • Amy

      I always held the belief that size didn’t matter.
      Until I dated a guy with a tiny, tiny penis. I’m sorry, but it matters. I’m talking so small that when he was fully erect, penetration was impossible, it just kind of…there, hanging about outside my nether regions (lol). I’m not good with inches or measurement, so I don’t know his, ahem..dimensions, but I’m going to say it was maybe the size of my thumb…in both thickness, and possibly even a bit less in length. And the boy was very generous and great with his hands and mouth, and cute as hell, when it’s physically impossible to share the connection provided by sex…yeah, size matters.
      And wow, long post, sorry.

      • gotplaid

        I am so with you. When I have to ask, “Is it in?”, it is too small.

        It also doesn’t help when it only lasts approximately 3 minutes and it’s that size.