How Do You Feel About Joe Jackson Wearing a Michael Jackson-Shaped Pendant?

It’s not that I’m trying to start shit here, it’s just that I think it’s interesting that Joe Jackson was photographed wearing a necklace in the shape of his deceased son, Michael, who he allegedly abused. But more than what I think, I want to know what you think.

Is it inappropriate for Joe Jackson to wear a necklace shaped like Michael Jackson? Comment below.

[image via TMZ]

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    • diane

      Michael was his son, who cares if he is waering an MJ pendant, there are fans who get tattoos and some celebes do their own little homages too.

    • gotplaid

      I think it’s a kickass pendant. And that is all the thinking I’m willing to do about it on a Sunday.

    • Blond_yyy

      Sorry to say but his daddy MADE him. He became the KING of pop because his father set the stage. Give credit where credit is due! I am not saying that he raised them PERFECT but if Joe didnt dedicate himself to those boys….they would have never made it as far as they did!

    • Blond_yyy

      Beautiful pendant