The Today Show Thinks Amber Portwood Sucks, Too

Last week, a resident of Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s hometown took to their local paper to complain about the terrible way she was portraying their community. Now, The Today Show has done a segment about Amber, and she does not come off looking any better because of it.

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    • David

      If the guy was smacking the shit out of the girl he would have been walking out of the house in handcuffs.

    • nonnom

      A fine example of America today and the state of American broadcasting today. What waste of time.

    • Megan

      First off everyone has there own issues, how many other woman in America do thiss?? stop pin pointing her making her look awful when it happens everywhere!! everyone makes mistakess, shes a young girl learning as she goes, u act like shes trying to kill someone, serioussly now.. leave it aloneee and let her deal with it blowing it up over the internet and tv doesnt help. makes you all look likes asses, dont judge people til you’ve been in their shoes.

      • Vee

        You are just as stupid and ignorant as the woman portrayed here – just because it ‘happens everywhere’ doesn’t make it all right in this case or any case for that matter! Yes it happens everywhere and until it’s addressed and stupid people like you stop wanting it to be swept under the rug then it is going to continue. You look like the ass sitting here condoning physical abuse. You, you twat, are the loser.

      • Laura Grabow

        Nobody has to make her look awful, she is doing a good job of it all by herself! If her actions weren’t hurting anyone else that might be different but she is not only physically hurting the guy in question, she is also emotionally battering him and their child. Do you think that her actions have no effect on the baby, if so you’re wrong. I have been those shoes, the ones of the baby who witnesses it and let me tell you I have spent a lifetime trying to recover from it. When a child witnesses this type of behavior the only way their minds can deal with the violence is to go into a mode of self preservation, a shock type of mindset more or less, have you ever heard of post traumatic stress syndrome? I also rather doubt that leaving her alone will help her to become a better person and quit being abusive, she needs help, no matter how old she is. I was a mother at fifteen years of age, pregnant at fourteen. When you make the mistake of or decision to get pregnant at that age you better make the decision to be a responsible parent. Your child is then your first concern, that means being the best parent and making decisions that serve to benefit your child. I can’t imagine why anyone would defend the type of behavior that she exhibited in the clip that I watched and think that it should by any means be overlooked for any reason! Perhaps you also need counseling.

    • Randee

      Amber Portwood is a sorry excuse for a mother, let alone a role model. If you are defending her neglectful and abusive ways (not just physically, but emotionally, too) then you, Megan, are an idiot. I understand that smackin the shit outta your baby daddy is tempting, but not acceptable. I have a person close to me “in her shoes”. But she doesn’t get drunk, arrested, or hit people in resteraunts. Perhaps you should think before you speak, because now YOU look like the ass.

    • nana

      i dont know why ppl keeps saying she is a good mom when she is NOT omg! i know everyone have issues but come on!!