Poll: How Old Is Too Old For Long Hair?

I went up to visit my Grandmother over the weekend, and noticed that all her friends had the same, identical, Rachel Maddow haircut. That would be cool if they were doing it to imitate Rachel Maddow rather than just doing it because it’s something you do when you turn 80. I asked them about why they al opted for the same hairstyle, and their logic seemed to be “you can’t have long hair when you’re old, because, witches.” My response to this is “wait, shouldn’t you absolutely have long hair when you’re old, because, witches?” No agreement was reached. Anyhow. How long is too old for long hair?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • El

      I hope that as I age, I never decide to get the ubiquitous curl-helmet most older ladies have. I would much rather the long grey hippie braid, or the gorgeous sleek silver bob…or … well ANYTHING except the curl-helmet.

    • Eileen

      As long as you have healthy, well-kept hair, wear it long if you want. Whether you should wear short or long hair depends more on your face structure and hair type than your age.

    • Lilit Marcus

      I want Bonnie Raitt hair with that awesome silver streak in it.

    • Ellen W.

      I agree with Eileen- I’ve known women who have had short hair since college and women who have had long hair since college and into their sixties and women who did all kinds of legnths in between. I wish we would stop making hair a political thing.

      Lilit- I keep telling my hair that we could have that cool streak if all the grey hairs would stop wasting themselves all over the place and just settle in the front! They don’t listen though.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      The first time I went to get my hair cut after getting married, my husband was terrified! He kept asking me what I was going to do to. “Its just a trim, chill out!” I yelled at him. That’s when he told me that every woman he’s ever known chops all her hair off right after her wedding. And he loves me long hair and was hoping I wasn’t getting rid of it all. It was kinda cute. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep all my long hair around, because it spends more time in a bun than down, but I enjoy it right now.

    • MNiM

      Wow, I think this might be turning into some kinda zeitgeist thing! It’s being discussed at NYT, doublex and the root as well.


      (There’s a particularly interesting comment (1st pg) on the doublex article by ‘wigguy’ as well.)

    • SG

      When you are old enough that your face begins to have folds and sags, long hair accentuates that. It really looks like your hair is pulling your face downward. Then it is time to cut your hair, not necessarily into a Maddox style, but something less weighty, like a chin-length bob.

    • Jamie

      I actually asked my grandmother this question when we were out one day and I saw a woman in her late 60′s with long gorgeous gray hair. I know for a fact that she has the same fine, freakishly straight hair that I have, but I realized that I’d never seen her wear it that way. Obviously in the 1950′s and 60′s curls were mandatory, but why had she never grown out her perm?

      Her answer made a lot of sense and explains why old ladies all wear the same style: Hair gets thinner as you get older. Most women don’t really go bald, but the hairs that grow get farther apart while a lot of it falls out and doesn’t grow back. If you look carefully, you can see a lot of scalp. Curls create the illusion of volume and short hair holds curls better than long hair.

      Interestingly, my grandma said that when she was my age, her hair was as thick as mine and she wore it permed because it was the fashion. Now she wears it permed because she has to. Recently, her stylist gave her a blowout and my grandma’s boyfriend made fun of her.

      Just saying, sure long hair is gorgeous on old women who can pull it off, but most can’t. And someday it will be your problem.