Look of the Day: Kate Middleton

Reliably classy lady (and royal girlfriend) Kate Middleton attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend wearing this tasteful number. Sidenote: I’m not a fan of huge hats (for fear of looking like an attention hungry reality starlet at the Kentucky Derby), but I think you get a free pass while attending weddings in the English countryside.

More importantly, Middleton looks fantastic with her delicate blue dress and nipped, immaculately tailored blazer in a painfully French color combination of black and blue. She completes the look with simple round-toe black pumps.

Basically, Middleton is a bride’s dream: the guest who dresses with taste but doesn’t steal any spotlights on the big day.

[Photo via People]

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    • judy

      i don’t agree with “…Kate: Having the look of the day!…” The midlength dress seem inapproriate for the tailored jacket, and by wearing the jacket, it took away from the dress. I’m sure that it was more to the dress than meets the eye. Also, the dress looked previously worn and maybe Kate’s mum had worn the dress at a previous event. It seems like Kate has a wonderful public relations staff, keep up the good work! You know, she is constantly making news that is benefiting who?

    • Eileen

      I think she looks lovely. The color of the dress is so striking, and the jacket makes it look a little more formal while not becoming evening wear (I’m guessing from what the prince is wearing that this was a formal daytime event – always difficult to dress for).

      As to Judy’s comments, I don’t care if she didn’t buy a new dress – unless it’s your own wedding, it’s perfectly okay to wear a dress you already have. And considering this is a fashion blog that frequently comments on the clothes that famous people wear, I don’t think your sarcastic question serves any point except to illustrate your unfamiliarity with objective case pronouns.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thank you, Eileen. And I think it’s kind of immoral to suggest you shouldn’t repeat-wear clothes (to weddings or any place for that matter).

    • Elpitha

      There’s Kate, looking amazing as always.

    • karen

      I think Kate always looks the same. Most of the weddings she has attended have the same style of outfit, dress and jacket. Her hair is always long and unkept. I prefer the little hats compared to the big one