What the Heck Is Bio-Oil?

A few weeks ago, my colleague Amanda Ernst and I attended a press event for a new product called Bio Oil. To be honest, we both left the event not entirely certain what the product even was. Here’s what I have figured out since then: Bio Oil, which comes in a sleek, orange-tinted cylinder, is basically Dr. Bronner’s minus the hippie factor. They advertise it as “specialist skincare,” but Bio Oil can be used for practically anything. I’ve been using it as a cuticle softener; Amanda is using it to treat a scar. It also works as a hand lotion substitute, and since it dries in about five seconds and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky afterward, it’s great for office use. According to Bio Oil’s official website, the product is also good for stretch marks and skin discoloration.

Ultimate verdict? I still don’t know exactly what it is, but I really, really like it.

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    • Cori

      I’ve been using it on my stretch marks since I had my son & it seems to be helping. I’m really pale & the stretch marks were really dark & deep, but they’re healing well.

    • Somnilee

      Bio Oil isn’t a new product, is it? It’s certainly not new in the UK.
      From what I’ve heard, it’s good for treating scars and stretchmarks – I have stretch marks all up my upper thighs/butt and around my breasts, but it’s so expensive that I couldn’t afford the amount I’d need to slather all over myself. Glad you’re enjoying it though :)

    • Alaskimo-cake

      We’ve had it here in Ireland for years, brilliant stuff! I used it on a fairly brutal leg scar, it’s barely visible now. Use it as an all-over moisturiser sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit dried out. A little goes a very long way, definite miracle product

    • Anna

      Bio Oil has been around for a while now, always lurking on the shelves by the vitamin E creams. But then again this is in Canada, we get more European products than the American market.

    • iheartellegirl

      Bio Oil has been here in the States too for at least a decade. The people who write this site are just dingbats who don’t do any research ever.

    • Keisha

      Bio Oil is amazing. Alot of my friends use it, either for stretch marks or scars. Also it’s been in Australia for ever.

    • woo

      I have been using bio-oil since I was a teen last century. Hot tip-put it in a hot bath and your skin goes bananas with goodness! I absolutely love bio-oil.

    • Jenn

      I was skeptical, and am an admitted beauty product hoarder – but I read some online reviews and picked some up at the grocery the same day I spent over $200 on face creams I wanted to try. I was having a weird bad adult face breakout and used it all over just to try it. It wasn’t like baby oil and it wasn’t like massage or tanning oil. I really liked the smell – just clean like mild soap. The first day I used it my face was still unhappy but was only responding mnimally to the creams anyway. By the second day my face was already better. it’s been over a week of daily use now and I’m actually purging my cabinets and only want to use this stuff. (no, I’m not selling it) I’m sad I can’t return the other expensive products I bought that day or have been hoarding – but at least can save money in the future. Strangely I don’t even want to try to use them up first – I just want to use this. The small size is perfect for travel. My makeup and skin look great – just some powder now over spot or dark circle concealer instead of coverup and base. A new large hard pimple was coming in on my chin the 3rd day, but it did it’s business in a day instead of a week and there’s no reminant a day later. I’m rambling like a Bio Oil evangelist but this is really the only thing I want to use now!