Does John Mayer Do Anything Besides Date Celebrities?

I feel like I remember a time when John Mayer was known for something artistic…maybe he was, like, a musician? Or an actor? It’s all so fuzzy…

Because it seems like now, the only time I hear about him — and I hear about him very often, for having no desire to — is when he’s dating someone, broken up with someone, or deeply offended someone he’s dated or broken up with.

The most recent and most public of these, of course, is Taylor Swift, who we all know by now wrote an angst-ridden account of how Mayer did her dirty in the three days or so that their love blossomed. The song — cryptically titled “Dear John” — has been making headlines for the fact that Swift did fairly little to conceal the identity of the person the song was written about. Lyrics include such doozies as “Don’t you think 19’s too young to be played by your dark twisted games when I loved you so? I should have known…”

Anyway, I’m sure that Mayer has something to offer the world besides the dating of women ages 19-40, and the Tweeting thereof, but I’m not quite sure I know what that is.

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    • Allison

      I just think its creepy that she says she’s in love with him even though they just had a fling… I’m definitely team John on this one. Everyone hooks up, everyone has flings, and not all relationships are going to last. Therefore, Taylor should not be writing creepy songs about how much he broke her heart when they didn’t even date that long. Anyway, John is a wonderful songwriter!

    • lotusflwr

      He has such a weird face. He must be insane in bed or something for all these celebrity women to be utterly ruined after him.

      • kyocatlover

        wouldn’t it b funnier if he were terrible in bed. but i actually heard about a study that said that people who are selfish in bed meaning only think about their own organism tend to make sex more enjoyable for the partner they are with. I’m not saying i know for sure he’s one of these people but he sure seems like one to me.

    • nolalola27

      He’s thrown himself under a bus with all this BS. He’s clearly a creep. That interview with Playboy, the serial dating & oversharing, he seems to target the “America’s Sweethearts” like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift (who was way too young for him).

      And regarding Swifty, I think the girl is annoying, but she’s a kid. Teenagers are annoying and do stupid things. I know I did. Whenever I look back at journals from then, I want to crawl back through time to strangle myself. She will too. She’s just doing it a lot more publicly than we all did.

    • Debbie

      Mayer has more talent in his pinky than Swift does in her entire body. Unlike Swift, Mayer’s songwriting has depth and richness to it and while he may “draw” on past experiences, he never names names or makes it blatantly obvious. Swift just strikes me as a whiny immature girl who falls too hard too fast and assumes everyone else does. If you’re going to get involved with an older man who quite obviously wasn’t taking their time together seriously, you take your chances if you’re wearing your heart out on your sleeve. I don’t think Mayer did ANYTHING to her. I think she was hugely infatuated with him and had unrealistic expectations and delusions about what their relationship was or was becoming. If anything at all happened, it was nothing more than a fling. Her reaction is childish.