Gallery: 10 Best Foreign Treats For Halloween

Jesus, I’m just so sick of Peanut M&Ms. So I’m giving out these for Halloween. (Not really. Please don’t get upset and TP my apartment door again).

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    • eryn

      Smarties arent just from the UK, everyone knows what Smarties are in Canada, pretty sure thats all anyone gives out on Halloween here.

    • Mary

      They have those peanut Cheeto-type things in Germany and they are damn delicious. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Mozart balls are okay if you like marzipan.

    • Marley Zed

      The United States lacks ketchup chips AND Maltesers? What a cold, dystopian hell-hole it must be.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I believe it was one of the premises Orwell forgot.

    • WhiteLady

      Real pasteis de natas do’nt have whipped cream and sprinkles on top. And they’re not like cupcakes at all actually except maybe in the shape though pasteis de natas are flatter.
      They’re made with a flaky dough and topped with the custard, then put in the oven. Insanely delicious.

      • WhiteLady

        Really happy you put conguitos here, love them! Don’t forget the crunchy super-thin layer of caramel between the peanut and the chocolate though! It’s what makes them different from M&Ms and a world better :) You can tell I’m a sweet freak…

    • Chanoa

      I am Black and they are not racist. I love Conguitos! They have white Conguitos too, anyway. Yummy and adorable. Does anyone know the web site anymore? Haven’t bought any in a few years…