Gallery: Taylor Momsen’s Top 10 Worst Fashion Choices

Oh, Little J, what has become of you? It seems like just yesterday you were yearning after yogurt on the steps of the Met with the popular girls, whereas now you’re flashing the crowd while onstage with your faux-rock band and announcing to magazines you wouldn’t fuck Tommy Lee seemingly without solicitation (I pray that Tommy Lee wouldn’t fuck you, either, Taylor Momsen, because you are 17 and he was 17 in 1979). Along the way, Momsen has worn some truly heinous outfits. She calls it “her style,” I call it “poor decision making”. Let’s have a look, shall we?

[Photo 1 via Pacific Coast News, 2 via Splash, 3-4 via Wenn, 5 via x17, 10 via imdb and the rest via websites that did not credit photographers] [sad face]

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    • eryn

      Taylor Momsen is my guilty pleasure, shes my favorite character on GG, so sad shes not in it as much if at all anymore, and The Pretty Reckless is one of my favorite bands. But even I have to admit, she definitely needs to tone down the slutty-ness a bit, at least when she’s not on stage.

    • Mary

      Pants. Really. Just pants.

    • Lola

      After reading this article I had to google “Who is Taylor Momsen”..I’m 23 years old and I had no idea who this person was..

      • nolalola27

        You give me hope.