New York Magazine Upset About Sexist Law Placed on Slutty Women

I think that this recent post at New York Magazine‘s blog, The Cut, was an attempt to point out the sexism inherent in an Italian town’s decision to ban very short skirts and tops that show excessive cleavage. Unfortunately, in making that point, the site decided to call the banned outfits “slutty:”

Women in a Small Italian Town Could Be Fined for Dressing Slutty

Umm…yeah. So here’s the thing, and I don’t mind repeating this as much as is necessary. The word slutty is sexist. The word slut is sexist, too. And also mean, offensive, rude, and insulting. Granted, the ruling is also sexist, inappropriate, and should be out of the jurisdiction of the law, among other things. But calling women who dress in short skirts slutty is in direct contradiction with what I think is an attempt at calling out sexism…which is hypocritical. And now I’m a dictionary.

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    • Aaron

      Yes, the choice of words is completely horrible and sexist in that headline and article. I definitely agree about that. However, can’t the word “slut” be used for a man, and thus why would it be inherently sexist? (I realize that most people use it only or primarily for women, which IS sexist.) I think the word is harmful and sex-negative in general, but I think that it and several other terms that have tended to be sexist tend to be used by an increasing number of people in gender0neutral ways.