Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who Will Make You Want To Wear Sunscreen

In Allure’s November 2010 issue, Julianne Moore is featured on the cover as the “poster child for sunscreen.”  And indeed she is;  Allure says the 49-year-old actress’s skin is “unlined” and that she makes sure to cover up when she goes outside.  In a time when pale is, unfortunately, too often synonymous with “unattractive,” Julianne proves that a woman can be both pale and hot - and look way younger than her sun-worshiping peers later on.  Sunscreen is important beyond a superficial standpoint, as well:  one in five Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime.  We thought it would be fun to try to think of other “poster children” for sunscreen.  Check out our picks:

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    • Saskia

      well, doesn´t Nicole look younger because she used to have botox treatments regularly?

    • Victoria

      I am so glad you are addressing this issue and making people aware of the cancer risks of sun exposure. It is important to love the skin you are in and sun exposure causes wrinkling, age spots and loss of collagen in the skin!!!! Thanks Hannah for educating the public!

    • avecjambon

      So according to you only white women can have healthy, beautiful skin.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      Actually, avecjambon, I didn’t say or imply that at all. My point was that pale women can also be beautiful; I didn’t denigrate naturally tan or dark skin at all, but simply pointed out the dangers of overexposure to the sun for naturally pale people, and the gallery features natually pale people who are embracing the color of their skin, without trying to change it. Also, dark-skinned people (even African-Americans) are still at risk for skin cancer and should wear SPF.

    • Kate

      @avecjambon, this is an article about the dangers of tanning. no people are as obsessive about tanning as white women. get a grip.
      @Saskia, I agree. Nicole “Ice Face” Kidman should have been left off the list. Read some tabloids, Siegel! :)

    • Emme S.

      Ugh. that Pic of Snookie was a frightening surprise. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I do appreciate you for pointing out that “orange” is NOT sexy. Neither is Skin Cancer, for that matter. BUT…..I highly doubt that Nicole Kidman is the ONLY celebrity on that list who uses botox….or skin resurfacing, or chemical peels, etc. All of which help even out your complexion and give you a nice healthy YOUNG look. But hey, if your business is selling your face, I guess you have to keep up the maintenance on the property. Not trying to put down any of those amazing women…just sayin’….

    • Lea

      Amy Adams is naturally a blonde, just pointing it out.

    • Glen

      Good article; ends with a bad example. Snooki is apparently of both Italian and Chilean descent–not the best person to compare to a bunch of alabaster-skinned blondes and redheads.

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        Hey Glen, I actually knew that (being as obsessed with reality TV as I am). I was talking about the fact that she openly talks about her desire to be tanner than naturally she is as a good example of a mindset that should be changed.

    • Mackenzie

      I love this article…I have for far too long obsessed with tanning and being tan and at a young age I have already seen the harmful effects of what I have done!! But I have to admit when I am too pale I just feel sickly looking…I’m not as drop dead gorgeous as the above girls to pull it off…and I don’t like to wear make-up.

      But now I use tan towels to get a little glow, and I use Aveeno lotion with spf 30 every day (I have actually been told that a lotion like that is not enough, what do you think?? ) and I wear my Skineez leggings and cami all the time to tighten and tone my skin! Plus there’s vitamin E, shea butter and rose hip oil that I think help turn back the hands of sun damage a bit ;)

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        Mackenzie, I think it’s great that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself from the sun. SPF 30 is fine, but as a general rule, should be applied every 2 hours and after swimming and exercise. Keep up the good work – your skin will definitely thank you for it later!

    • Cherub

      I’m confused. Are we supposed to believe these celebs aren’t having expensive skin treatments on a regular basis? Give me a break. (Article-FAIL)
      Swift is like 12 yrs old. And freckley Julianne and muppet face Hathaway are hideous. Ugh!

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        Cherub, the article was about naturally pale people who are embracing their paleness and are still perceived as beautiful (by most). While I’m sure some, if not most, of them have had expensive skin treatments, it has no bearing on my particular article.

    • Jon

      …Wait, Snooki’s hot?

    • Tinyturtle

      The whole point is be happy in your skin and quit trying to change it. Woman stop judging each other. It only gives men the idea it’s ok for them to do it. So if you you have fair, olive or dark skin. Go out and show it with pride.