Marie Claire, Why Did You Write A Piece About Hating Fat People?

Dear Marie Claire People,

So, hey. How are things going? Is it nice where you are? Do they still have the sushi chef? How about the Orangina? Good news, our office rat problem is almost under control, and we haven’t found rodents in any of our purses in weeks!

Anyhow, Marie Claire editors, I figure you have all those things because you’re really good about knowing what articles to run, and don’t just sit around talking to Ashley about whether or not advertisers would be cool with you making a gallery about how to shoplift effectively (We want to call it “Fuck Department Stores: A Guide To Getting What You DESERVE. By the way, no, the advertisers aren’t cool with it). So, that article of Maura Kelly’s you ran about fat people entitled “Should Fatties Get A Room” because Maura Kelly hated seeing fat people… exist, basically… that was there for a really good reason, right?

Like, see, it’s this paragraph that has me confused. I know this is in response to the sitcom Mike and Molly, which is about two people meeting in Overeaters Anonymous, so obviously you’re going to have to touch on weight, and that can be a – ha ha! – touchy subject, but this seems to go beyond that:

So anyway, yes, I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room – just like I’d find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.
First of all, who are these elusive heroine addicts? Am I one of them? My heroine in my Grandma. And also, Dorothy Parker and Diana Vreeland. Jeez, you know, sometimes I get so caught up in admiring cool women that I want to know more of them, and more, and more, the way I want more and more pistachios, and… well, yes, I guess it is troubling, and causes me to slump in chairs. I’m going to get help.
But I guess that’s not as upsetting as watching fat people walk places. And then there’s this:

Then again, I guess these characters are in Overeaters Anonymous. So … points for trying?

Then again, I tend to think most television shows are a kind of junk food for the mind and body. The boob tube gives us an excuse to turn off both our brains and our bodies and probably does a helluva lot to contribute to the obesity problem, over all. So … I don’t know.

Wait a second. Hating fatties I understand (wait, no, I don’t). But hating television? Pistols at dawn, Maura Kelly.

Look, I’m kind of curious if Maura Kelly was just like “I am going to offend the largest number of people possible, because I have a book to promote” and everyone at Marie Claire slurred, “yes, we are drunk on free office bellinis right now, and we love you.” And then Maura Kelly got all disturbed because she doesn’t like seeing drunk people.

Or maybe this was just some editor saying “Let’s set ourselves apart from the other womens magazines by doing all kinds of scumbag shit.” I understand that, too. Look, I’m writing about it right now! It worked!

Honestly, we do scumbag shit too, sometimes, just for the hell of it, so I get that. But I generally think of us as… not being an entirely respectable publication. And you are, right? You have Orangina there. You’re part of Hearst. You’re not some bunch of 20-somethings sitting around in a rat-filled office drinking vodka and making jokes. You – and I know maybe this sounds absurd – have a responsibility to publish content that is not going to make some overweight 16 year old spend the rest of the day puking up her lunch.

And you sort of failed.

Marie Claire, I’m disappointed in you.

Off to lay out more glue traps,


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    • Kait

      Oh, but didn’t you see? It’s okay for her to say all this! Some of her best friends are fatties!

    • melanie

      have you seen the update she posted on the marie claire website? looks like she got some heat from that article

    • Kait

      Also, wasn’t this the same magazine that last month was criticizing food bloggers for being too weight-conscious? Marie Claire sucks.

    • Kait

      Also, besides the fact that everything about that article’s contents was offensive and deeply, deeply stupid, the writing was terrible, too. Come on!


    • Eileen

      I mean, this is a woman who doesn’t know the difference between heroin and heroine (or at least didn’t as of yesterday, when I read the article). We have to make allowances for stupid people.

    • Aileen

      I think Marie Claire (and the writer) totally dropped the ball on this one. A parenthetical paragraph of what might have actually been tips to help fight obesity and healthy weight loss? Had the whole article been that, it would’ve been helpful.

      But maybe Marie Claire has decided they’d rather print less magazines and spend more on that sushi chef instead

    • Emme S.

      They should make her rub her entire body in Cooking Oil and be placed in a tiny room surrounded by Fat people as punishment for that crap. Grossed out by fat people? wow. way to let everyone that reads that magazine know what a douche you are. Marie Claire should make her write a public apology….

    • Melanie

      goggle Maura Kelly and start reading. Even Sharon Osbourne was unhappy with Ms Kelly

    • Marissa

      I do feel sorry for her. She has some major issues, and was anorexic herself. But I’m most upset that this is taking away attention from her decent point that “Mike & Molly” makes light of food addiction and the obesity epidemic. In case people haven’t noticed, the weight jokes present regularly throughout it aren’t exactly an attempt to relate to an average American.

      Kelly should have left out the cruelty and name-calling and mentioned that it’s ridiculous that WEIGHT has to be such an important component of the first show that’s starred an obese woman since Rosanne.

      And the thing is, people don’t like to watch overweight people on TV unless they are funny males with smoking hot wives or trying to lose weight. Producers know what sells. If people were more honest with themselves, they might find they’re more similar to Kelly than they’d like to be.

    • Jeans

      Change all the weight and fat references to gay references and suddenly this article becomes a whole different beast. People with weight issues (both overweight and underweight) are the last acceptable group of people who are bullied and that will probably never change.

    • Ellen W.

      I’m not sure if people who confuse “entitled” with “titled” are allowed to mock someone’s homophone problem.

      Also- screw glue traps. You want an Agri Zap Rat Zapper Ultra. Bait them with slivered almonds. Change the batteries frequently. Best of luck with the rodent problem, I understand completely.

    • kjon

      It’s actually kind of sad reading her article and subsequent apology. To me, her writing is riddled with insecurities. Maybe writers like her should stick to things that truly interest and stimulate her because she obviously cannot handle anything else. It seems like she was trying to be funny/cute and ended falling flat on her face. Shame!

    • kit

      meh. marie claire sucks! stopped subscribing as they were allocating too many pages to ego stoking. but then again i am naturally skinny so perhaps can’t relate to them fatties…

    • rebecca

      Never let a person with an eating disorder criticize your weight! I had a friend in college who was anorexic and used to tease me. (He’s a model now.) But when I dropped to 130lbs people thought I was sick with mono or something. Maura
      Kelly just comes off as insecure, self-centered, judgmental, and not very entertaining. I wouldn’t have read as far as the offensive part if I hadn’t linked to her article from this post.

    • peter

      See this compilation of funny and amusing Fat People Pictures.