Video: Badass Dad Tells Off Abortion Protesters

So, when your wife goes in for an abortion because the fetus she’s carrying has a congenital deformity and no chance of survival — a.k.a. when your family has had to make one of the most excruciatingly painful decisions you may ever make — and some cockfaced abortion protesters decide that now is a good time to call her a baby killer, what do you do?

What is the etiquette for such a scenario?

Well, it may not have existed up until this point, but it exists now, thanks to Aaron Gouvela who writes the blog Daddy Files. Gouvela was bringing his wife to get an abortion in Brookline, MA, after finding out that their very-much-wanted 16-week fetus had developed Sirenomelia, or Mermaid Syndrome, in which the legs are fused together. The baby also had no bladder or kidneys. And on the way into the clinic, Gouvela and his wife were confronted with just such protesters. And now, we know that the etiquette for dealing with them is this:

You drop off your wife, then take out your cell phone, turn on the camera, and tell those fuckers off. And then you post it on the internet, and then you let it spread like wildfire. And then you let the pro-life world wonder whether telling a bereft mother who, without access to abortion care, would be delivering a stillborn baby, that she’s a murderer is really, in fact, the Christian thing to do.

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    • Chelsea

      This is amazing. And also much more effective than my typical reponse of flipping them off as I drive by…

    • Alline

      The thing that pains me the most about this video, is that they didn’t get it and they probably never will. Instead of shutting up and realizing how useless and harmful their actions were, they continue to argue with this man on what he correctly said was the most worst day of his and his wife’s lives. And one of the women has the audacity to say “you’re an angry father.” WTF? I seriously don’t understand their logic at all. I pity her adopted children.

    • feefifoto

      This makes me so terribly sad. These women who profess to have deep feelings appear to have no compassion whatsoever for a grieving parent. Their attitude is “Oh, we’re not talking to you, so never mind us.”

    • Somnilee

      Bravo to that man for having the courage to do that! The horrible situation that he and his wife faced with regards to their unborn child is exactly why abortion should be legal, what compassionate human being would will on another that they had to carry to term a child that would either be at high risk of being stillborn or of being severely disabled for the rest of its life? (Of course, if people wanted to take that chance, then that is their own decision – it’s just not something that should be decided by anyone else)

    • Soos

      What’s different about him is that, on the worst day of his life, he had the presence of mind to tell these bullies off. And RECORD it! BTW, his name is Aaron Gouveia.

    • Kristen

      I feel like these are the people that never had to make a difficult decision in their lives. Or the biggest decision included switching laundry detergents or whether or not to use the milk that has been in the fridge just a few days too long. They are not compassionate and I would love to see how they would handle being given the devastating news these parents endured. Shame on them and they need to get some perspective.