Gallery: Great Sleeved Wedding Dresses

On Monday, contributing editor and all-around wise lady Jessica Pauline Ogilvie posed the question: would you wear a long-sleeved wedding dress? Mommy Ogilvie felt bare arms at a wedding are “just not appropriate,” but there are plenty of other reasons to opt out of the now-omnipresent strapless, too.

Namely: if you’re getting married in a religious ceremony (and have to cover up your shameful arms), if you’re self-conscious about your guns, if it’s an outdoor or fall/winter wedding, if you have distractingly hairy arms, if you need to conceal ill-begotten tattoos from youth, or you just don’t want to wear the same damn dress as every other bride. I put together a gallery of great examples in sleeved wedding dresses. Though not all necessarily long-sleeved, they’re far from strapless. And so…

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    • porkchop

      The Oscar de la Renta — W O W. That is so pretty!!

    • Rose

      I remember seeing Ivanka Trump’s wedding gown in Vogue and thinking it was just the most exquisitely beautiful thing I had ever seen. I would wear it in a minute if I had a gajillion dollars to throw around. I also remember the Princess Diarie’s dress as putting the final nail in the coffin on my unshakable resolution to wear a wedding gown with sleeves. Gorgeous!