Lust Object: Lela Rose Sleeved Wedding Gown

Here’s a nice addition to our sleeved-wedding gown discussion. Today’s Lust Object is this Lela Rose tulle-strap silk-crepe gown, an exercise in perfect simplicity. Subtle pleating in the bodice and the mermaid-silhouette make for an elegant “classic bridal” look, while the delicate tulle sleeves appear almost like angel wings from the front and provide a stunningly feminine view of the bride-in-question’s back (below).

It’s not an ideal gown if you’re looking to conceal tattoos or have arm insecurity, but it’s a fabulous choice if you want something a little more demure and quietly sexy.

Lela Rose Tulle-strap silk-crepe gown, $3,495, Net-a-Porter

Hey, look! Another view:

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    • Eileen

      So I just immediately went over to the site to see bigger pictures (since omg beautiful) and…the measurements for the sizes seem way off. Not in the “this runs big/this runs small kind of way”; in the “the waist measurement is larger than the bust” kind of way.

      And I freely admit to having discovered that only after I freaked out that size eight apparently fits a woman with a 31″ bust measurement and thus I could never, ever wear that dress.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Huh. We might be dealing with an empire waist but it sure doesn’t look it.