• Wed, Oct 27 2010

Gallery: Horror Movie Villains Who’d Make Great Boyfriends

A few weeks ago we did a gallery on 80′s Movie Characters Who’d Make Great Boyfriends. And sure they seemed… nice. But if you want someone with a really square jawline, why bother dating Jake Ryan? Why not just date Frankenstein’s monster? Here. Here’s a list that will help you make better choices.

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  • Karen

    YES! I will date the rapey tree! I’m a nature-lover… we can go on long walks through the forest, and by ‘long walks’ I mean running frantically for my sanctity.

  • Armitage112

    Great list, with one glaring exception–how in the HECK is Dr. Malcolm Crowe (“The Sixth Sense”) a VILLIAN?? That movie didn’t even HAVE a villian??