OMG JWoww Looks So Pretty

This month, InTouch Weekly gave Jenni “Jwoww” Farley a makeunder — and she looks so pretty, you guys!

Admittedly, I love a good makeunder, and so I might be inclined to bias. But I’m also not a huge JWoww fan, so you know, there’s that level of objectivity. But mostly, it’s amazing what can happen when you loosen things up just a tiny bit, like shirts, and when you give hair a little bit of a relaxed curl, and also, I’m inclined to point out, when you put a genuine smile on the face.

This gets a “well played.”

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    • Somnilee

      She does look pretty, it’s a very nice style that suits her.
      All I keep thinking though is “Wow, she looks OLD around the eyes”

    • Eve

      I’m kind of reminded of that scene in Fievel Goes West when Fievel’s sister washes off her makeup in the water barrel…