Exclusive Interview: The Flying Possum from ‘Hoarders’

I'm just a simple The Possum from Hoarders telling my story.

If you’ve ever seen A&E’s Hoarders, you’ll know that the show’s breakout star is a possum who appeared in one of the hoarders’ homes and was immortalized in the show’s second season preview clips. We were fortunate enough to land an interview with the possum. He spoke to us about his newfound reality fame. [Editor's note: Apparently the possum is a lady-possum. We apologize for the error if you're into that whole "gendering animals" thing.]

Do you feel like a fortunate possum because you were living a luxurious life inside a home instead of out in the streets or someone’s yard? Have you relocated? What is your current living situation?

We first of all I’d like to say thank you so much for the interview. I’m honored to share my story with the world. I grew up on the road in the south with a traveling family of performers and we lived in many boxes, trees and garages. I left my family to study acting and was very fortunate to be cast on A&E’s Hoarders / The Possum Show. A lot of people don’t realize this, but that was not actually my house on the show. I’ve worked very hard and I have since relocated to a luxurious cardboard box in Hollywood. I do feel very fortunate to have a place to store my extensive spoon, teacup, clock, and stick collections.

Have you seen any other episodes of Hoarders? Do you have a favorite episode or person?

Good question Marcus! Every Monday night at 10pm I live blog the new episodes of Hoarders / The Possum Show on my Facebook page “The Possum from Hoarders” with 1700 of my closest friends known as “The Possum Posse”. We are often joined by the infamous treasure stealers Matt Paxton, Lisa Hale, Cory Chalmers and the evil Dr. Zasio. Adela, a fellow collectioner and amazing actress, has become a close personal friend of mine and we often share pretzel sticks and discuss our new-found stardom and interactions with high-society folk.

What’s the deal with that other hoarding show? They know their show is a total rip-off wannabe, right?

Tell me about it! You wouldn’t believe the meetings we’ve had with management at A&E. My agent has advised me not to go into specifics on the subject. I try and keep a positive outlook and remind myself that imitation is the best form of flattery, along with donated gifts.

How do you feel when you see animals on Hoarders who have been flattened under huge piles of junk? Is there any counseling for animals who come out of hoarder homes?

I’m very fortunate as a successful artist to be able to use my newfound fame to pursue an active political life. I recently campaigned in the million possum march on D.C., joined by many cats and one bunny. I have lobbied congress for animal housing rights and anti-poison control. We all work for a brighter tomorrow. Possum Power!

What’s next for you, now that you’ve become a TV icon? Are you considering a career in the entertainment industry? Is it true you were spotted having lunch with Lindsay Lohan at The Ivy?

It’s been a wild ride since my shot to stardom! Since my episode aired I have done the talk show circuit in New York City, stand-up gigs in Vegas, and I landed a role on “Law & Hoarders – Special Vermin Unit” with Iced Tea. My book “A Possum’s Tail” is coming out soon, and I hope one day to have my own spin-off show focusing more on the artistic side of collectioning. I don’t eat Ivy, I do like to eat bugs. Who is Lindsay Lohan?

I think my friend is a hoarder. What should I do?

Under no circumstances whatsoever should your friend allow Dr. Zasio into her home. You can help your friend by supporting her art and bringing your recycling to her as a gift. Remember there is no such thing as “junk mail” so ordering off of HSN or QVC will kick-start her new hobby. Encourage her to start as many projects as possible, for example a laundry carpet, restoring trucks from the forties, a ripe puffy yogurt collection and rotten pumpkin floor ornaments.

Does it bug you that people call you a possum instead of an opossum?

Sheesh! My name is “The Possum from Hoarders.” I don’t tell anybody else there has to be an “o” in front of their name, just sayin’…

What are you going as for Halloween?

Darth Tater.

You can join the “Possum Posse” and participate in the Monday night “Hoarders” recaps by becoming a fan of the possum on Facebook.

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    • Jason

      OMG I love the Possum and the Possum Posse rules! You have to check it out on Monday nights:

    • Katie

      Hooray for Kitty rights, the possum and Matt Paxton are my heros!

    • Kelly

      I look forward to the Possum Posse on Monday nights almost more than the show! Possum is VERY funny and quick-witted! I know sometimes it’s hard to type fast with those paws but Possum pulls it off pretty well.

    • Tracie

      I love you possum, can’t believe you are doing real interviews now, you are blowing up!!!

    • Chou

      On Facebook, “Possum from Hoarders” is sheer entertainment. Makes what could be a very depressing show more entertaining. Tune into the live facebook blog.

    • Catzilla

      Awesome Possum.

    • Traci R.

      I am proud to call myself a member of the Possum Posse. Just bring some pretzels sticks, pickles and puffy yogurt and you’ll fit right in!

    • CherLyn

      The Possum Posse rules! I [heart] Possum!

    • kindred

      I hope I can say I knew you when. Proud member of the Possum Posse! Let’s bring an end to sailcats in our lifetime!

    • Deb C

      Possum next thing you know you will be on Dr Phil, or Oprah or Jay Leno or some crazy show like that

    • Brenda

      Oh, snap! I better hurry and buy my Darth Tater – there’s only 2 “collectibles” left! Great interview, Possum! Congrats on your success and on not letting it go to your head!

    • luv U Possum

      “Do not let Dr. Zasio into your home” – LOL!

    • Jeans

      Dr. Zaz = Treasure Stealer
      Haz-Matt Paxton will bravely climb your mountain of “poop”
      Target bags = port-a-potties
      If it’s not puffy, you can eat it.
      The Possum From Hoarders is the glue that holds us all together.

    • GinnyRED57

      Thank goodness for the awesome that is Possum. It makes watching this show bearable, knowing that s/he has risen above her origins in an old cardboard box and has a much more luxurious one in Hollywood, while never forgetting the little animals out there in the dark hoards.

    • Melissa

      Why is this funny?