Gallery: Groups To Hate Other Than Fat People

So, I’ve stayed awake all night thinking about Marie Claire hating on fat people, and I still don’t know why that article exists. But I know it exists for a reason! So we came up with these groups who we’re going to hate the way Marie Claire hates anyone who is overweight. Because people are different, everybody should kill each other. Hate! Hate! Hate!

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    • Aileen

      It’s like you’re a mind reader! I stayed up last night thinking “Man, I’m tired of thinking about the terrible Marie Claire article, but I still have so much hate- WHO can I direct it toward now??”

      I think I will start off with the whore-prudes…

    • nerdypaws

      #5 – So would that be sexually-moderate-face?

    • rita

      Time for some more laughs…see this collection of funny looking Fat People Pictures.