Gallery: 5 Everyday Foods That Could KILL YOU!!!

Most people don’t realize that what they eat everyday WILL KILL THEM.

Okay, maybe it won’t kill them, but it could.

A New York  Times article that recently came out about Four Loko (a popular alcohol beverage favored by young people, because it is cheap and can get you obliterated from one can) that  basically confirmed that it could kill you. Four Loko, which contains 12% alcohol and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, is a dangerous choice because the caffeine masks the alcohol, making the person who is drinking it believe they are not that drunk, and then continue drinking.  One doctor said that Four Loko was one of the most dangerous new alcohol concoctions that he has ever  seen.  Lawmakers in several states are trying to ban them, but no laws have been passed yet.

But maybe you already knew Four Loko could kill you.  Or maybe you just figured as much.  After all, any type of alcohol can kill you, when consumed in excess.  And, of course, people who have food allergies can die by eating what they are allergic to.  But did you know that everyday, seemingly innocuous foods, that you are not allergic to, could kill you?

Read on.  By the way, it’s 4:00 p.m…. do you know what your children/siblings/nieces/nephews are eating?

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    • nerdypaws

      Four Loko is better or worse than Irish Coffee?

    • Ella

      As a kid, we always used to suck on the base of a rhododendrons flower to get the nectar or whatever it is out – at the suggestion of my mother who used to do it too as a kid… so I don’t get the whole Honey thing…