How’d That Marie Claire Protest Work Out?

The Rally to Restore Sanity wasn’t the only protest this weekend. Around 20 people gathered outside the Hearst building last night for a “Big Fat Kiss-in” to protest Maura Kelly’s article in Marie Claire about being disgusted by fat people. A lot of the slogans read “kiss my fat rolls” and there were a few protesters wearing witch costumes. Including Christine O’Donnell! No, not really. A spokesperson for the magazine stated:

“The opinion was that of a blogger, not the magazine. She posted an apology the same day. We consider this matter closed.”

And, for now, perhaps it is. But we hear rumors that there’s an upcoming episode of Mike & Molly where she cancels her subscription to Marie Claire.

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    • nerdypaws

      Is it closed because they shrugged and said, “Meh, bored with this?” Did they settle the whole ‘Bloggers give Girls weight issues’ thing with similar handwaving?

      This magazine is getting way cringy for me.

    • sohoaccessories

      That would be a funny story line. The work of a blogger but was in their magazine, where was the editor? Agreeing with her?