Video: The Halloween Walk of Shame

I should have spent this morning, the morning after Halloween, outside taking pictures of all the walk of shames going on. But I didn’t. Instead, I had myself a nice breakfast indoors where it’s warm. Fortunately, this guy did the work for me and harassed all the people still in their Halloween costumes with their make-up dripping down their faces walking home or driving all the way back to Long Island. Poor kids.

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    • Jo

      This idea could have been funny but just wasn’t… that dude is totally creepy.

    • Sara

      I agree with Jo, this guy was pathetic. The blonde that he was saying was so priceless looked like she had been crying and possibly broke up with her b/f or something. She didn’t look like she had been ‘playing the field” nor did she say anything to give that sort of indication. He was just totally rude, abusive and out of touch with reality in an effort to try to be funny.