Poll: Could You Forgive a Guy for Visiting a Prostitute?

Last week, the story of Charlie Sheen’s crazy, coked-up shenanigans with a prostitute gave the tabloids plenty of material. However, Sheen is far from the first celebrity to pay for sex. As The Frisky reminds us, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and Alex Rodriguez are among the famous men who have been linked to escorts. In some of those cases – Grant and Murphy – they were in relationships at the time with women who forgave them. Could you do the same, or is sleeping with a prostitute unforgivable?

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    • porkchop

      For me, even if I did forgive them, I wouldn’t be with them any more.

      If you’re with Charlie Sheen, though, you can’t use prostitutes as an excuse to end the relationship. Prostitutes are a given with Charlie Sheen, and you knew that going in.

    • Jillian

      Why are people even surprised by this? It’s a well-known fact that Charlie Sheen gets coked up … so if prostitutes are involved, is that really a shocker? As far as forgiveness goes, I don’t know. Charlie’s wife/gf whatever she is is also pretty coked up too if I recall.

    • Kait

      You know what would be wayyyy more hurtful to me? If my boyfriend cheated with someone we knew. Prostitutes, sure, I’d forgive it…after some serious STD testing and a visit to a therapist because seriously, who does that? But I don’t know if I’d forgive someone cheating on me with a friend, or even someone I knew. It’d be pretty hard to, anyway.

    • Ivy

      Doubtful. But I certainly wouldn’t if he did so coked out and and tried to kill the woman.