How Often Do You Shower?

The way we live now: covered in our own filth.

At least according to the New York Times. Apparently, showering on the decline! One woman remarks:

Alice Feiring, a wine writer in Manhattan, joked that autumn is her “season of nonbathing” (she actually bathes four times weekly). “ ‘Didn’t I bring you up differently?’ ” she said her mother asks. “ ‘What will people think?’ ”

But Ms. Feiring, 52, is resolute. “I don’t like to over-dry my skin,” she said. “It’s a myth that people need a deep cleaning everyday.”

Which seems fine. Parenting Magazine says that the air is drier in winter, so you need not shower every day. But what about the guy who only shampoos his hair once a month? Or the guy who claims he lets hair hair get oily so her can “style it however he wants?” Dude, if your hair is so oily you can make it stand up, that’s not really a good thing. OR IS IT?

Obviously, we have some dear friends who don’t like to shower either. Though we’re a fan of the every day shower. Or every other day. Sometime before we start getting to style our hair however we want. What about you?

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    • Somnilee

      Shower every day, wash hair every other day. My ex-boyfriend would only shower when he washed his hair, AKA every two days – he had no other reasons for not showering daily and it used to gross me out a bit, to be honest. If he’d have said something about skin drying, I wouldn’t have minded, but it was just “I shower when I wash my hair.”

    • James

      I shower everyday and rinse off (no soap) after a hard work out. So on average I find my self in the shower 10 -12 times a week.

    • Ellie

      Shower everyday, but I try not to wash my hair everyday to preserve the color. In the summer once at night, once in the morning.

    • Eileen

      I shower every other day or after working out, whichever is more frequent.

    • G

      If I haven’t worked out and am not leaving my place to do anything but grab the mail or pick up some groceries, I won’t shower. But other than that, I always do.

    • Beverly

      I too shower and wash my hair every other day unless I’ve worked out that day. I have horribly dry skin and the winter months make it worse..

    • Emily

      After every workout, so three or four times a week in the winter, eleventy-billion times a week in the summer.

      I figure it averages out fine

    • Lolcat

      Shower every day and hair washing two times a week as they don’t get dirty so fast.

    • nolalola27

      Shower every day, wash hair once every other day (or more depending on how it looks).

    • Porcelina

      I shower every day, sometimes every other day, but I wash my hair maybe once a week, sometimes once every 10 days. *shrug* It looks fine and feels much healthier than it used to.

    • cscott2008

      I shower at least 4 times per week.
      Since I live on the water and there’s a lot of rock around we have to have septic storage tanks which we need to have pumped out every other month. We do our best to conserve water where we can.

    • Alix

      I shower about four times a week in the winter, washing my hair every time, and about 5-6 times a week in the summer, washing my hair every other shower. I wash my face twice a day year round, though. Daily showers are for germaphobes and gym rats.

    • Shae

      Gosh it’s nice to see that I’m not the only person who doesn’t wash my hair every five minutes.

    • Bill

      I shower or bath one a year, or there abouts. Why wash all the healthy, protective oils and bactaria from your skin? it’s completely counter to nature.
      I don’t smell bad at all, even my armpits are not smelly, sweat simply evaporates away. I notice that the day after a shower, I tend to sweat more than normal.

      This insistance on daily or more frequent washing is a maladjusted and almost pathological state. It seems you all have been brainwashed to believe it’s vital to do something that actually robs your skin of it’s natual defences, how remarkable.
      I mourn for my once optimistic notion that humankind is generally a rational and free being, well if you bathe each day your doing yourself no favours, your just a muppet being animated by the ridiculous customs of a society that is at odds with true human needs.

    • Elizabeth

      I am doing my thesis research on the meaning of clean. I decided to conduct a thirty day experiment to help me further understand what being clean really is. For the past thirty days I have not bathed, worn deodorant, shaved, clipped my nails, tweezed, applied makeup, washed my face, or changed my clothes. I washed my hands after using the restroom and I continued to brush my teeth. Today was the last day of my experiment and I am pleased to say that I am now clean.

      I realized that I was using twenty-two products almost every day to maintain my cleanliness. Today I used three. I thought that I would go into this as a social experiment, but what I discovered was so much more. To clean yourself is to participate in a basic human instinct. We have been cleaning ourselves for survival since before humans were humans. Our bodies clean themselves constantly, from digestion to white blood cells fighting harmful bacteria that enters our body. The conscious effort to clean ourselves is natural. However, how we clean ourselves in America today is (in my opinion) unnatural. Today I discovered how little it takes to achieve real cleanliness.

      My goal is to design against the American version of cleanliness. My hope is that we can appreciate our bodies for their “animal-ness” and not wash away who we really are. Although I have never felt more like an outcast in my life when I was unclean, I never felt more like myself.

    • Meg

      I hate showering, I see it as a chore. I have really long hair and combing it out and waiting for it to dry is a pain in the ass. I also believe in trying to preserve natural moisture. So when I’m not leaving the house, about every 3 days. If I’m working, every day. And for just normal life, every 2 days. I wash my hair every time, because it’s oily. Dry shampoo in between has saved me.
      On the other hand, I am fussy about how clean my clothes are. I’ll even change my underwear twice a day.

    • jun

      Being someone who is going to a women’s college, looking attractive to the opposite sex is not necessary everyday. Especially it’s winter now, I shower every other day, and wash my hair every time.

    • Michael

      Wow, some people are really filthy! :O

      I shower everyday… And so should you!

    • louisa

      i am 12 years old i used to bathe once a week in hot weather i shower every day in cold weather i shower twice a week.