Poll: Do You Dress For Girls Or Guys?

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An article on YourTango posed the question of who the author was dressing for: girls or guys.  She concluded that she was dressing for her girlfriends, not her husband, and therefore was “girl-hot,” instead of “guy-hot.”  The author says that you can think of Jessica Simpson as “guy-hot,” given her bodacious body and overt sexuality that attracts men, and Kirsten Dunst as “girl-hot,” given her classic good looks and warm smile, that make her seem to be a good friend.  Another definition of “girl-hot” I would add would be wearing all your nicest, designer clothes when you know you’re going to be seeing girls, since guys never notice labels.

I tend to think I simply dress for the occasion: I’ll wear something different if I’m going to a bar, rather than if I’m going to a family party.  I’m usually mostly concerned with the appropriateness of the outfit, and I wonder, Am I dressed up enough?  Am I dressed conservatively enough for a religious occasion I’m not familiar with?  Am I weather appropriate?  In a perfect world, I’d wear whatever I want, but I never want to offend or look inappropriate by doing so.

What do you all think?

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    • Jillian

      I agree. Dressing for the occasion/your mood and yourself is most important. You always look your best when you feel most comfortable, so that’s what I try to do. Also, they should not have used Kirsten Dunst as an example. She’s not “girl hot,” she’s a hot mess.

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        I actually agree, now that I think about it. Did you see how greasy her hair was in Crazy/Beautiful?

    • Eileen

      Do I, or do I not quote Betsey Johnson here?

    • Manda

      None of the above. I dress for myself. I keep my hair however it’s comfortable during that season (pulled back in a ponytail for summer, held back with a bandana in fall/winter/spring), I only wear makeup for Halloween and EXTREMELY special occasions (and even then, it’s usually just tinted lip gloss), and I wear whatever clothing is most comfortable and appeases my own sense of modesty. I don’t buy name brand clothing, because I think it’s beyond pointless to spend an insane amount of money for a label that no one can even see. Oh, and I’m (according to the portrayal of women in the media) one of maybe 3 women on earth who HATES shoes and owns as few pairs as possible.

      And, even if I did really care about fashion, I couldn’t indulge in it, as I’m on a fixed income, and my medical conditions pretty much demand I wear comfortable, light materials only, or wind up in horrible pain the rest of the day. This especially applies to shoes, which is why I wear Crocs & flip-flops almost exclusively. I’ve worn black flip-flops to a funeral before, because my feet were swollen because of the summer heat, and they were the only black shoes I had that would fit me.

      All these factors basically lead back to what I said originally: I dress for myself, because ultimately, my opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to my looks. If the people around me are judging me for what’s on my body instead of who I am, then I really don’t want them in my life.

      The one exception to all of this is formal affairs, such as a wedding, commitment ceremony, confirmation, bris, or sadly, a funeral. If someone cares enough about me that they are kind enough to extend an invitation to a sacred, life-altering event like that, then the least I can do is respect the dress code they find appropriate for their event. And thankfully, my friends and family all know about my conditions, and love me enough that they’d never ask for me to wear something painful, such as tight clothing or heels. It would be more along the lines of them asking me to wear certain colors, or a certain item of clothing like a dress, which is more than acceptable.