Sink or Swim: Christina Ricci

In Sink or Swim, we confront dumbfounding celebrity looks: something’s definitely working and something’s most certainly not. Here, Christina Ricci attends last night’s Young Lions Gala in NYC and throws me for a loop. Pros: -It’s Wednesday! All grow’ed up! -Ricci is always a little unconventional, a little fashion forward, a little weird, so this makes sense on her. -The gray ombré skirt is crazy but kind of great! -She wisely subdues the skirt’s nuttiness with minimal accessories and basic black everywhere else. -Tuxedo jackets are cool! -The 80′s inspired strong eye and lip combo is striking without being too much. Cons -Wednesday wouldn’t be caught dead in enormous ruffles. -Maybe a little too weird. Or maybe not enough because the rest of the outfit is a snooze. -The contrast of crazy skirt with tailored, black and boring everywhere else doesn’t quite make sense. -Tuxedo jackets are silly! -80′s face. So: is Ricci cool and confident enough to pull this off or does it bury her tiny frame and confuse our eyes? The polls are open: [Image via]

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    • lotusflwr

      For someone so slim and petite, that high of a waist combined with black that makes her entire chest/shoulders fade into nothing winds up demphasizing her body to the point of nonexistance! All you notice is red-lips-weird-poof-skirt

    • Faye

      The skirt is really cute but it swallows her.

    • Soos

      I dunno – is she hiding a bun in that ruffle-oven?