Gallery: 10 Reasons Why No-Shave November Should Not Exist

Both women’s and men’s health awareness is important. Finding a cure for prostate cancer is just as important as finding a cure for breast cancer and people should be aware of that. But here’s the problem: No-Shave November as the awareness campaign for men’s health, is not the way to do it. Facial hair (and I mean, thick, bushy, itchy facial hair … scruff is ok to an extent) is not always attractive. And what’s even worse is when guys who have difficulties growing facial hair try and practice no-shave November. No one likes to see patchy peach fuzz on a grown man. There’s also a movement called “Movember,” where men grow mustaches throughout the month as an alternative to No-Shave November. I’m pretty sure men are just using this month to exploit their testosterone levels in the most unattractive means possible. There are better alternatives to promoting men’s health issues. Why not take a lesson from October and breast cancer awareness? Come up with a color and just shower the whole month in it. Although overwhelming, it’s much less painful. In case you still haven’t gotten the point that No-Shave November is the worst campaign ever, here are 10 horrible facial hair disasters that ruined good looking men.

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    • nolalola27

      I’ma have to strongly disagree here, Jillzy. I LOVE beards & facial hair, and think almost every man looks better with it. I don’t like stupid goatees & chin straps, and it is gross when a guy who really can’t cultivate full facial hair tries it, but I like a nice beard or 3-day growth. Hawt. Mmmmmm mountain men.

    • nolalola27

      Also you’re telling me you wouldn’t hit till next Tuesday? Please.

    • Jennifer

      Oh I disagree, I fancy a man with a nice beard or scruff and I am ridiculously excited for No-Shave November.

    • Lilit Marcus

      I have sensitive skin and dating lumberjacks kept making my face burn. I love me a clean-shaven dude.

    • G

      Just as long as who I’m with knows that there shall be no mustache rides going on. Not now, not ever. Other than that. I’m fine with it.

    • Allyson

      I personally think guys look older when they have a full grown beard. It’s a total Santa Claus-meets-lumberjack effect. Just sayin…

    • Keisha

      Movember is my favourite time of year! I love me some good facial hair, to the point that the boyfriend is banned from getting rid of his!

      • nolalola27

        I did the same thing to mine!!!!! We live in New Orleans so I let him shave it off over the summer, but it’s back now baby! (As a compromise, he loves long hair, so I keep mine long.)

    • noodles

      Completely disagree :D. Facial hair can look really good on some guys. Who would turn down Viggo as Aragorn?

    • Lolcat

      When the facial hair doesn’t look extreme I’m for it. Why not if it suites well to the bearer.

    • Matt

      NO SHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      …men only do this because they are lazy and find it funny.

      (NOTE) if you shave during November your guy friends will not approve. Hence the reason you may receive the punishment of extending your season into December.

    • Jarrod Gallivan

      I’m sorry, but while I agree that mens and womens health are equally important, I think that your view on this issue is horrendously self centred. What I am hearing you say is essencially “your campaign to raise awareness/funds is aesthetically displeasing to me, and so it should not exist”.

    • strojani

      My friends and myself have decided to make March “Full Muff March” in retalitation to “No-Shave November.” Guys aren’t the only ones who can hide laziness behind a cause….

      • majic

        I thought this was already the trend? Very rare to catch a chick bare anymore. Unless its a special occasion of course

    • a man

      lazy? you think it’s lazy? you don’t even know what it’s like. it’s almost torture how badly it itches towards the end, a razor would be mercy. it’s for a cause, though. just like polar runs and different activities for charity. it’s not all fun, but we can have a laugh. the point is to stick with it all month in order to express dedication for a cause. you have pink, we have beards. don’t reply, because i won’t read it, just consider what i say.

    • Eileen

      My problem with no-shave November, other than the fact that – as handsome as they may be – men with stubbly facial hair making kissing the equivalent of rubbing sandpaper on my face, is that it doesn’t make it clear what it’s about. Up ’til now, I didn’t know it was for prostate cancer – I just thought it was a “manly” thing to do, and November was cold enough to be the appropriate month. I wish cancer campaigns focused more on cancer and less on colors/Facebook statuses/beards/etc.

    • James

      Why should it matter wether women find it un-attractive/ not funny etc. I agree with jarrod above, your post is highly self centred. It is about creating awareness for prostate cancer. It has nothing to do with wether women like it or not. And as for calling the campaign selfish; take a look at run for life or whatever it’s called, a run where ONLY women can take part to raise awareness for breast cancer. What about the men who have lost their wife’s and mothers to it?

    • marty

      WOW, now that is the opinion of a woman who I am guessing has commitment issues. I agree with Jarrod. Not shaving and in your opinion looking terrible is in my opinion a very strong statement. It says that looks are not important and I am willing to do something to raise awareness of an important health issue. Get over yourself Jillian and be thankful that there are people out there that actually care about the well being of others.

    • facailhairforthewin

      dude, just because you do not like beards does not mean that it’s a bad idea. leave them alone, and if it bugs you THAT much, then if someone has a beard, DON’T TALK TO THEM. get a life haha. I love myself a guy with a big beard. ;)

    • Scott

      Well, way to be self centered. Most of the beards you posted are excellently kept, trimmed.

      I bet you’d be miffed if I posted pictures of female celebrities and made fun of their make up or hairstyle. In fact, you’d probably call me sexist.

    • TGB

      There’s no such thing as “No Shave November”. It’s called Movember, and it’s been around for years and years.

      If there shouldn’t be a Movember, then October shouldn’t be womens’ breast cancer awareness month. Goose, gander.

    • John

      Jillian clearly you missed the point of Movember, it is not about exploiting testosterone levels it’s about bringing awareness to the most common cancer found among men. If we apply your reasoning then the same can be said about women and breast cancer awareness. People like you make slow down progress, you sit around on your computer all day and criticize others who are trying to make the world a better place. Instead of bashing something that a goodcause try volunteering at a clinic to make a difference. And Just so you know there is a color for prostate cancer, it’s blue.

    • AR

      Silly article. So you finding Hollywood A-listers attractive is more important than cancer research?

      Wont read another article by you again, you’ve come across as shallow and inconsiderate, and that’s not the point of view I want to read from.

    • Millie

      I love the beards

    • Danko

      Ok it’s been 385 days since this was posted. Jillian Engel, I hope you aren’t inconsiderate anymore. Maybe you finally understand the importance of Movember. Maybe not. If not, keep trying. If you can’t seem to understand, then STFU

    • everyone is thinking it..

      jillian you disgust me. Beards are great, and any cancer awareness is great. You’re just pathetic.

    • BEARD!!!

      Jillian, it is women like you who make into women.
      I have a long beard, my friends have long beards.
      My girlfriend likes my beard…so just because /you/ have an issue with men in their truest form, they should shave to /your/ expectations.
      Grow some ovaries…

    • alex

      This girl doesn’t understand the whole point of no shave November.