Gallery: 10 Very Hairy Celebs

Did you hear? Natalia Vodianova forgot to shave her legs! At an event where she was being honored for helping build playgrounds for children! Hussy.

Now, what is not news? This is not news! Well, maybe it’s news that she builds playgrounds for children. That’s nice. Okay, the rest of this is not news. In honor of Natalia Vodianova, here are ten other celebrities who were also able to rock some body hair.

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    • CurlySarah29

      Some of the hair was more than I’d have showing if I were on the red carpet, but maybe they just had a waxing appointment the next day – you’ve gotta let that sh!t grow, you know??

    • Averagedancer

      Good for these ladies, for adhering to their own standards, and not the ones created by a stepford-wife society.

    • Edie

      I’m sorry, but the pictures of Julia Roberts, Gillian Anderson and Drew Barrymore that show a MAJOR growth of underarm hair do not indicate that they “forgot to shave that day”. It would take several weeks to manifest that crop! I don’t care HOW busy one is, that is just plain lazy!

      • dave

        Celebs should be proud of their underarm hair. They should encourage all women to have the natural look.

        If it is good enough for them it is more than acceptable for the rest of us to bin the razor.

    • Eileen

      Other than Frida Kahlo, none of these women is particularly hairy. They’re just not removing every bit of hair that grows on their bodies. Do I shave my underarms and legs regularly? Yes. Do I sometimes think, “Wait, why am I doing this? It’s just hair,” and reflect on the fact that no man is ever expected to shave his armpits? Yes.

    • Alex

      Is this satire? I can’t tell whether you’re criticizing women who don’t shave twice a day or criticizing people who criticize women who don’t shave twice a day?

      • Sasha

        It’s the latter. Notice all the nice comments about them in the captions.

    • Jess

      I am sure none of these women were lazy, or ‘forgot’ to shave. Some of us just expect a standard of equality. I do not shave. If any male or female thinks that this is unsatisfactory, or even “disgusting,” then it is a serious problem of how society views women. There is nothing impressive to me about being waxed, shiny, nipped, bone-thin, and tucked.

      • jane


      • Shiana Berrey

        This. I threw out the razor 3 years ago and will never pick it up again. It is no one’s business what I do with my body. Let me repeat that: It is NO ONE’s business what I do with my body. On that note… I find it highly hypocritical for any self proclaimed “feminist” or “advocate of equal rights” or even “pro-choicer” to continue the social standard of women being shamed and judged for not shaving their bodies.
        My body. My choice. I will not tolerate being bullied about it and I feel compelled to stand up for those who are being bullied for how their bodies look.

        Liberation is awesome.
        Bullies suck.

    • Lolcat

      Frida Kahlo has Hairy Everything. And she’s awesome.

      The best caption in this article. Waxed thin pr0n actress with fake boobs – that’s the modern standerd ((((

    • Dionysis

      What went through their minds when they decided to walk out in public
      If you cannot shave your legs regularly (like myself) due to time constraints then for gods sake wear pantyhose.

    • truthful

      if her legs are due for a shaving, then her underarms are probably the same. that’s why she is waving so low…figured she could hide it. Not good at all for red carpet. For normal everyday people, we can get away with it.

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    • BaldheadedFoo

      Even though I shave my head and face daily to keep a cleancut look I don’t expect my girlfriend to shave her legs, under arms and mustache daily. that’s just ridiculous! It only takes me about 10 minutes to be “nice and neat” about the head but it would take her nearly an hour to shave all her areas. besides her hair isn’t nearly as coarse and visible. give the ladies a break! there’s nothing wrong with a little fuzz. men are the ones who are too often unkempt and need to be dragged to the barbershop.