Gallery: 10 Romantic Comedies with Nonsensical Love Proclamations

Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway is coming out Thanksgiving weekend and every time I see the trailer I think the same thing: what kind of guy would EVER stop a coach bus on the highway just to tell some girl on it he loves her? You know what I’m talking about. That scene in the trailer where Jake Gyllenhaal is in his sports car racing the bus Anne Hathaway is on (probably to escape him) and manages to pull it over so he can climb aboard and tell confess his true love for her and probably apologize for whatever he did to make her get on the bus in the first place. Yeah, that would never happen in real life. Let’s be honest: he’d probably just send her a text message.

Romantic comedies have perfected the nonsensical love proclamation. Men and women are professing their love for each other on crowded planes, on highways and during shooting sprees in minivans (yeah, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would have totally been dead if that scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith happened in real life … which it wouldn’t). The only time I’ve ever seen a risky love proclamation was when I was walking in Central Park one day and noticed everyone looking up. Some guy had paid one of those aerial sky banner people to write “I love you, will you marry me?” in the sky. Maybe I haven’t lived long enough to see or experience events that come right out of the movies, but I feel like most of the time, Hollywood paints a pretty unrealistic picture of how people proclaim their love for each other. So to ruin all your romantic dreams come true, we’ve come up with more realistic alternatives to these love proclamations made in films over the years.

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    • Hanna

      Wrong ending on “Made of Honor”! He is in the wedding party, but decides he can’t go through with it after confessing his love to the bride and she says no. But then while leaving, he realizes he must stop this wedding and then takes a horse (after learning the boat just will not get him there in time) to the castle.

      I only watch this movie because the lead character’s name is Hannah, and you just don’t have very many Hannahs/Hannas in movies. Only reason. Swear.

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        I don’t remember why I watched that movie, but I remember being pleasantly surprised at seeing a lead character named Hannah.

      • Lilit Marcus

        I watch every single movie with a character named Lilit in it.

        Oh, wait.

      • Soraya

        I’ve only come across one movie where the lead character was named Soraya. At least I think she was the lead character. I haven’t watched The Stoning of Soraya M. because it would probably make me cry. I’m a wuss.

    • Not Impressed

      Uh, the premise of this was really cute, but you kinda ruined it with your completing lacking sense of humor. Yes, sometimes rom-coms are DANGEROUS because they set women up for false expectations … you know, mostly women under the AGE OF 18! (That’s why they need good mothers and female role models to explain that romance doesn’t work that way in real life.) But these movies are meant for entertainment – if their endings even vaguely resembled the boring-ass “alternatives” you described, no one would have seen then/cared/remembered Julia Roberts’s gorgeous happy hooker grin. At the very least, you could have injected your “realistic alternatives” with a little more humor. “He meets her at the airport. He calls her on the phone. He sends her an email she actually reads in November instead of July.” OK, we get it! Now, please, enjoy some suspension of disbelief and shush.

    • Allyson

      I’m a sucker for chick flicks (guilt but unashamed!) and while I love the outrageously unrealistic endings, I equally love calling out what really would happen in real life. It’s like movies forget there are cell phones, computers, etc. But then again, when it’s a realistic ending (My Best Friends Wedding, he’s in love, duh he’s going to reject the girl who rejected him for umpteen years… but notice they do use a cellphone or two, and e-mail!), I get a lil sad. Either way, love this!

    • Marta S.

      The thing that gets me about the whole Big thing is that he was supposedly imaginary…Oh well….!