Why I’ll Never Date a Guy Who Wears White Socks

We all have dealbreakers when it comes to dating. Bad kisser – dealbreaker. Really short – dealbreaker. Cheapskate – total deal breaker. However, my other dealbreaker, the one that tends to make people roll their eyes at me, and scoff and even pelt things at me is my severe aversion to white socks. Yes, boys who wear white socks are the ultimate dealbreaker. I’d be willing to overlook a lot if some cute fella were rocking some striped socks and I caught a glimpse of them peaking out between the hem of his jeans and the top of his Chucks.

To be clear, I’ve never dated anyone who wears white socks. I have, sadly, had a one night stand here or there and noticed white socks on the floor the next morning before I kick the guy to the curb, and hung my head in shame. However, people with whom I’ve had something meaningful and a wee bit more long-lasting relationship have always been colorful from their head to their toes. Maybe it’s because I live in New York, maybe it’s because I’ve always dated people who have obscenely delicious senses of style, or maybe I’m really just that picky that I’ve managed to weed out the white sock-wearing members of the community.

In my mind, there’s nothing more vile than white socks that are grey from being washed with the dark laundry too many times, and are now exhibiting a hole or two… what does this say about someone? Where’s the attention to detail? Nubby, holey, formerly white socks are the stuff that keeps me up at night, pacing my bedroom trying to figure out how such things can be banned. I’d start a movement if I knew others felt as strongly as I do, but after beating the subject to death with my friends, I seem to be the only one who is offended by such a thing.

When it comes to love, I’m not looking for perfection. In fact, perfect is pretty boring. I love crooked noses, wonky senses of humor, and vulgarity is really endearing in my mind, too. But my one standard, the one deal breaker that I’ll stick to until my dying day is this: NO WHITE SOCKS! Yes, I totally just channeled Joan Crawford there.

Am I wrong? Does anyone else out there agree with me on this matter?

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    • Nicole

      Does that mean you don’t date guys who go to the gym?

    • Kim

      What a stupid reason not to get to know someone.

    • nolalola27

      Wow, it must be nice to be able to completely weed out 98% of the single straight male population and still find enough guys to have great dates with. Blech. Come on, dude. This is pretty bad.

      • Mel

        I’m sure far more than only 2% of the male population turn their noses up at white socks. Also, it’s called get a sense of humor, nolalola27 and Kim.

    • Marissa

      haha! i once tried to date a guy who wore these really odd pair of steel-toed boots. he was really nice and seemed really smart, but i couldn’t stop staring at the boots. WHY? why would you wear those in any situation that didn’t involve construction? i think if i had listened to my gut, i wouldn’t have had to wait until he tried to convince me it was a good thing he voted for GW because “he’s cool…he parties like we do” before i cut him loose.

      personally i find white socks to be kinda endearing, but i love boys who are athletic and not that in to clothes. i don’t want them to be a better dresser than I am, and…well, I have been known to wear white socks.

      • Antome

        So you like whit socks or not? And so what if a boy is abetter dresser than you? Take advice from him and go shopping together. Are you so vain that you think a stylish boy is vainer than you?

    • http://Www.adamspunberg.com Adam Spunberg

      It’s funny, because I actually wore brown socks today. However, I wear white socks the vast majority of the time because they’re cheap, comfortable, and I like the color. Oh well.

      Here’s an idea: if a white sock-wearing gentleman really cares about you, he might opt for some color-coded ones instead once you tell him your aversion. Win-win!

      • Antome

        FTW, now she has no excuses :).

    • G

      You could make the argument, from your reasoning, that white socks aren’t what you hate. You hate formerly white socks. If your guy has the sense to separate and bleach his whites (which is probably not the case but hey at make sure), then he has the attention to detail to keep his white socks white or toss them. See? All better.

      • Lisa

        Exactly. If socks have holes or are not washed properly, that is a problem. If socks are white, that is… fine. It’s so normal, I think, unless I am odd…

    • porkchop

      That’s no way to land an engineer ;)

    • AbenaC

      I agree that white socks are awful. But I haven’t not dated someone because of it. I just slowly replaced them, starting with the worst offenders, with socks I liked better and he never minded because then he didn’t have to go and buy them himself. :)

    • Sleevil

      I have a thing about the style of socks guys wear. I think you can tell some things about the personality of a 20something guy by his sock height. High socks, ankle socks,or peds. However I apply these categories to white socks….

      • Antome

        What about thin ankle socks with driving shoes and shorts? This is daring and to me makes a stylish statement.

    • Kelsey

      I am with you on this one. I had a “Perfect Guy” list in high school (assembled while managing the boys swim team and staring daily at boys in wee speedos) that included, “that line by the hips. and. NO BLACK SOCKS.”

      • Antome

        Hey, no white socks, no black socks, tell me a color of socks i can be sure of :).

    • erin

      I wonder if it’s a New Hampshire thing. Brian Wilson (SF Giants closer, for those of you who don’t know, and NH native) rocks amazing socks all the time. And orange cleats, even if he has to pay a fine to the MLB for it. I think you found your man, Amanda.

    • DaynStarr

      Amanda- I have had the same aversion since HIGH SCHOOL. I swear to you in my yearbook, my dislikes include “white socks”. NO JOKE. I will prove it to you the next time you are in Colo. Right on sister.

    • Jake

      Shallow – deal breaker
      High maintenance – deal breaker
      Easy – deal breaker
      Snobby – deal breaker

      Looks like you’re a queen bee full of deal breakers…for any classy guy, at least. I would worry more about who’d be willing to date you than who you’d be willing to date.

      • Amanda’s sister

        Amanda actually dates a gorgeous Swedish model who doesn’t even own white socks. Just so you know, Jake.

      • Antome

        I agree, but what do you mean with “easy”, as it seems to contradict the former, a girl is not an object you must win, you guys are contraddictory about this point, if she is “hard” you bet she is pretentious, picky, snobby or shallow and high maintenance, you’d complain about this trait being well right about it, I mean what if she’s lighthearted like you, like stereotypically is a boy?

    • Patrick

      It must be nice having such a charmed existence that you actually have the time and energy to worry about such things. The vast majority of guys in this country wear white socks at least 99% of the time. Get over it. How trivial can you possibly be? What do white socks have to do with whether or not you’d have a good relationship? — You wouldn’t have a chance with me to begin with since I’m gay, but as a guy that reuses to wear anything but white athletic socks, and the dreaded over-the-calf tube kind at that, you can kiss my ass.

      • Patrick

        That should be “refuses,” not reuses. lol

    • http://itsluy.posterous.com luy

      Perhaps you meant men who wear white socks w/ dress shoes?

      Show me a man who does not own a pair of athletic socks (99% of which are white) and you’ll find a man who lacks physical activities in his life.

      NY or not, who wears dress socks to the gym, a walk, a hike, cleaning the house, playing a sport, etc?

      Unless of course you insist that mens athletic socks be of a different color other than white at which point I’d either tell you to buzz off or go buy me some socks.

      Are you sure this post isn’t about baseball?

    • Heather

      I was wondering about what a guy wore with athletic shoes as well, while at the gym or going for a jog. All I can think about when talking about crazy socks is the character “Booth” on the sitcom “Bones”.
      But that being said, isn’t there something more important in life than white socks? I laughed, because I’m wearing white socks right now. And a pair of fleece pj pants (another article of hers, bitching about nothing important.)
      While I found the article KIND OF amusing, with the whole “one night stand” comment totally made me realize that this person is no catch, white socks or not, and any man would be lucky to avoid her. I know I’m lucky not to have such a simple minded person in my life.

    • Derp

      And this is why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • Lickalicious

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    • assclown

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    • Derp

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    • babby

      being a huge cunt? dealbreaker.

    • IwearwhatIwant

      All I read was “one night stands here and there”, “relationships” and shallow opinions.

      Typical kind of woman that swoons over her friends “perfect boyfriend” and wonders why she only gets the “assholes”.

      Well, you get what you deserve.

    • ohwow

      what a cunt

    • really?

      Wow what a shallow cunt

    • Abd Al-Azrad

      Honestly this is a neurosis of your own design, and hating anyone for white socks is just a silly thing. Why “hang your head in shame” because of the color of the socks? That’s ridiculous.

      I’d be more concerned with how they are as a person, because typically the people you sleep with in a one-night stand has NOTHING to do with their socks. The guys who troll the bars looking for that kind of thing are the kinds of guys who are likely not going to be looking for a relationship, and not very stable or nurturing.

      You are setting yourself up for disappointment, especially by hating men who wear white (or maybe it’s just monochromatic socks you hate, either way).

      Stop looking down and start looking up, look into their eyes and see what they see. Don’t like what they see? Tell them it won’t work. Most of the time you won’t like what they see. Finding a mate is not a cut an dry task.

    • G

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    • Andrew

      Hi, my name is Andrew Bailery, and I wear white socks. I have a wife, three kids (one of which just hit his growth spurt), and as of this last Christmas, an adorable golden retriever puppy. Last month, I was laid off of job of 10 years for apparently no reason, and when I went up to my supervisor to ask her why, all she said was “Andrew, we saw your socks” and walked away.

      As it is, it won’t be long before I can no longer afford my mortage payments, and I’m currently forced to choose between my car or cutting back on my growing children’s food (which, by the way, I need to get them food and clothes in the first place)… I’m starting to get suspicious of my wife as well.

      Long story short, as a male who can no sooner decide to not wear socks with my shoes (sweaty feet) than you can decide to not look like an ugly transvestite, I’d ask you come join us in the 21st century and leave behind your ignorant ways.

      • reddit4lyfe

        Well aint that just fucking neato

      • Stephanis Washington

        I’m very sorry to hear that Andrew. I myself am a woman who wears white socks, and my brother, was laid off following Casual Friday due to his khaki shorts exposing his high rising socks. Thank god we are blessed enough to have the money to support each other, by it just hurts me so much to see that even in this day and age we still have not passed this. It really worries me how things will be when my children are off on their own…

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    • femenism4ever

      That is seriously the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’m not even kidding. How stuck-up do you have to be to have morals this screwed up? How about you go out and experience the real world, you shallow cunt.


      Blow it out your ass.

    • Dudealicious

      I dont own any white socks.. BAM Sexy time for me

    • John

      Hey Faggots,

      My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

      Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

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      • Anna

        Really? If you’re so perfect, and if this sort of thing ticks you off so much, why would someone need to tell you how moronic it is for you to even comment? See the way I look at it is because you’re actually insecure about being “perfect.” And I’m going to mention this now, isn’t really all that perfect from my stand point.

        If you were perfect, you wouldn’t feel the need to use such vulgar language. I.E. “Faggot”, “blew me”, “jerking off”, and “bitch,” just to name a few. Using such language shows a sign of insecurity and is perfect to demonstrate an inferior complex. If I need to dumb it down for you, it means the smarter you are, the less likely you are to rely on words and phrases such as those.

        Secondly I would like draw attention to your need to broadcast your many “accomplishments” in life. The fact that you do further proves my point of your inferiority complex. You’re fishing for a compliment, wanting all of us, who are in fact meaningless to you, to tell you “Wow, good job, you’re captain on the football team, and you can pass your classes! You really proved me wrong that all jocks are stupid.” To be 100 percent honest with you, it isn’t really that much of an accomplishment. All high schools require a minimum grade of C or a 2.0 to participate. In college, in order to get a scholarship your GPA must be a 3.5, and to keep your scholarship it must remain higher than a 3.0, sports is not secluded from this. And it’s always easier to keep that perfect A or 4.0.

        I’m not quite finished yet, as there are still a few more points that I would like to mention, on how imperfect you are. Like how I lack to see your credentials on how you became such an expert on every internet user. Is my webcam secretly broadcasting to your home and you can see me all day? I really wouldn’t be that surprised if that was the case since you kind of already admitted to “jerking off to pictures on Facebook.” (Funny thing about saying something is worse, you unintentionally admit to doing what you’re comparing it to.) But with the lack of these credentials, do you really think that you’re in the position to enlighten everyone else who just so happens to be on this website? When you finally make it to the real world, you’ll learn this isn’t the case and you just look like…well to put it nicely, a moron who just so happened to find a keyboard.

        Finally, I would like to point out your hilarious assumptions. Not everyone who uses a computer is a straight man who looks up anime porn. For a lovely example me, I am a well educated, straight, young woman, who doesn’t even look up porn, or creepily use Facebook as a masturbation tool. With that being said, I have no reason to “get pussy” as you endearingly put it. And in case I’m not a prime example for you, the next time you’re afraid that you’re going to get blue balls and find yourself on Facebook, look at someone’s friend’s list, pretty sure they have girls on there. You might even know this already from previous sessions with Facebook and your hand, but I’m not going to assume that you jack off to pictures of women.

        Lastly, if you want to know where my credentials are for my mini psycho-analyses of your pathetic existence, I’ve taken multiple sociology and psychology classes in college. And I’ve maintained a stellar 4.0 myself.

      • Steven van Westing.

        You’re a classic narcissist, and the whole world hates you, you should be humbled and realize what gimpy pathetic spec of dust you really are.

    • Costanza

      >Not wearing white socks

      I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

    • kingreadit

      I don’t always wear socks, but when I do, I prefer white ones.

    • the game

      >not keeping your socks in the fridge

      I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

    • Patrick

      “Why I’ll Never Date a Guy Who Wears White Socks: Because EEEWWWWW”

      Why should anyone want to date YOU, lady? You clearly have nothing interesting to say, you won’t even say why socks have anything to do with anything. Unless “I don’t like them” is the entire point of this insipid article.

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      Either way poster is a cunt

    • Gary Oak

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    • le red
    • Samson

      I am a sock salesman and to hear that some fat ugly high school dropout bitch doesn’t like white socks is very disheartening. I sell white socks every day of the year to those who loves them, It’s a way of life!

    • disappointed…

      Dang…I really liked Reddit too. Didn’t realize it was just another /b.

      1) I’m amazed how many men frequent this site. What brings you all here????
      2) People have weird preferences. She didn’t call men who wear white socks any names or say anything mean about them, she just doesn’t like it. Some men don’t like women who wear thongs. Sure, it’s weird and kind of picky, but it doesn’t make her a see you next tuesday.

    • Ronald Winters

      To all the women who would not date a guy that wares white socks, good glad to hear it. That takes care of the women losers. I ware white socks because I am color blind, so I guess the white sock haters would date some one that had one red sock and one green sock, or one blue sock and one brown sock or any of the unmatched pairs a person that is color could come up with. Give me a break. I will stop the white socks if one of you white sock haters comes to my house and give me a matching colored pair. Well I am waiting!! whoops no takers. Well I can say that what If guys stopped dating all women that wore pantyhose. See how stupid that sounds. No wonder you can’t get dates.

      • Astoria

        Meanwhile, my dealbreaker is men who don’t know how to spell “wears”.


      Jizz in her eye

    • LasViega

      “Maybe it’s because I live in New York, maybe it’s because I’ve always dated people who have obscenely delicious senses of style,..”

      What guarantee is there that an “obscenely delicious sense of style” according to you actually might not turn out to be a revolting sense of fruit-cake-clown-of-the-class-style?

      “..or maybe I’m really just that picky that I’ve managed to weed out the white sock-wearing members of the community.”

      I’ve got a feeling you might be afraid you’d eventually be weeded out yourself by potential dates. Hence, you’ll beat them to it. If your date is wearing coloured socks, your nifty little list of other dealbreakers allows for instant rejection should even the slightest transgression take place, so… :) Good riddance anyway, Ms. Chatel.

      “Where’s the attention to detail? Nubby, holey, formerly white socks are the stuff that keeps me up at night,..”

      Of course you’d assume most white sock-wearers would never launder them properly and wear them beyond worn?

      “..pacing my bedroom trying to figure out how such things can be banned. I’d start a movement if I knew others felt as strongly as I do,..”

      Sometimes, I stay up at night, commenting on articles like yours, wondering… Should people like you be allowed to procreate? Could people like you be forced to live the rest of your lives in space shuttles, on the moon, on Mars? Could people like you be banned?

      • Amanda Chatel

        Dear silly LasViega…

        I’m going to assume you’re a guy who’s been rejected by too many women for reasons just as superficial as this. Poor you!

        On a side note, I have a gorgeous Swedish boyfriend who has never worn or even owns white socks… and we WILL procreate and we WILL weed out people like you.

        PS. How was Applebee’s last week?

        Finally, I’ve never met a guy who wears white socks… because I live in NYC. ’nuff said, sucker.

      • Patrick

        Holy shit, you’re a cunt from top to bottom. How about you actually RESPOND to his comments? I can tell by this reply of yours that you think you own the fucking world, have never WORKED a day in your life and had your life handed to you on a silver platter. You HONESTLY think your “Swedish boyfriend” is automatically better than every guy who owns white socks? Are you mentally retarded? And about your “I’m better because I live in NYC and nobody here wears white socks!” attitude, David Letterman, who films on Broadway, wears white socks on TV every night. He makes ***$33 million*** a year, suddenly you and your “Swede” seem a bit irrelevant, no?

      • Steven van Westing


        If that is you, i must say …. you’re pathetic, bashing on other people’s style, while you yourself are stuck in this retro 50′s European Jewish woman look, maybe that explains your gestapo-esque fashion-fascist behavior.
        It’s hard telling the difference between you and Anne Frank LOL

        You’re so sad, anyway, laters ya bish, … we’re in the 21st century by now.

      • LasViega

        “Dear silly LasViega…”

        Thank you, Hyacinth Bucket.

        “I’m going to assume you’re a guy who’s been rejected by too many women for reasons just as superficial as this.”

        You DO admit is a superficial reason. You do realize that, right? And women who reject on such superficial grounds are not worth another second of my time. Blah.

        “Poor you!”

        Unlike some authors on here, I don’t waste time feeling sorry for myself. Get yourself a handkerchief.

        “On a side note, I have a gorgeous Swedish boyfriend..”

        Holy Polly on a Cracker. He’s even gorgeous.

        ” ..who has never worn or even owns white socks…”

        Figures. On that “bombshell”, let’s move on..

        “and we WILL procreate..”

        Hope you’ll only get sons and no daughters, at least :)

        “and we WILL weed out people like you.”

        Wow. That’s evolution for ‘ya. Wonder what Charles Darwin would say.

        “PS. How was Applebee’s last week?”

        Never knew, never cared. Never been at Applebee’s.

        “Finally, I’ve never met a guy who wears white socks…”

        Correction: You have never DATED a guy who wears white socks, but:
        “I have, sadly, had a one night stand here or there and noticed white socks on the floor the next morning before I kick the guy to the curb, and hung my head in shame.”
        According to your article.

        “because I live in NYC. ’nuff said, sucker.”

        Incredible. You must be light years ahead over there in NYC, ms. Chatel. Sitting there in your apartment, feeling oh-so-good about your own precious self.


        Maybe you’re living in a sugarcoated dreamworld. As in YOU, NOT NYC.

        Good luck with your Swedish boyfriend.

    • Abraxas

      Amen to your article!
      White socks, especially the tube type, should be banned from existence.
      Possibly the reason why it annoys us is tied, as you suggested, to the attention to detail.
      It’s the fact of people taking care only of matters other people can see (or so they think, but the’re always people like you and I who pay attention to detail).
      It’s the same attittude of people who never clean under the bed, don’t take a shower until the “grease” shows or other similar situations.

      • LasViega

        “White socks, especially the tube type, should be banned from existence.”

        Would the Police bust in all doors in any and all neighbourhoods/suburbs/cities to seize and destroy those “dreaded” socks to enforce such a retarded policy? Actually, world domination by Taliban could make your wish come true and is more likely. Good luck with either.

        “Possibly the reason why it annoys us is tied, as you suggested, to the attention to detail.”

        Excessively presumptious and judgemental:
        Anyone wearing white socks can’t possible pay attention to detail…

        “It’s the fact of people taking care only of matters other people can see (or so they think, but the’re always people like you and I who pay attention to detail).”

        …And probably imagining the likes of you and ms. Chatel must be the “Cat’s Pajamas” of fashion and lifestyle…

        “It’s the same attittude of people who never clean under the bed, don’t take a shower until the “grease” shows or other similar situations.”

        …Furthermore, a wearer of white socks must reeeeaaaally be a complete slob. In all aspects of life(?) Fantastic. Because the colour of his socks.


        Fact is, I gave ms. Chatel a response about her own insipid and imbecile article. She replied once so far… Matter of fact is, she does NOT have the backbone to stand behind it, instead she mentioned something about:
        * Her “Swedish boyfriend” who has never weared white socks
        * Expressed her wish to weed out people like me
        * And that she lives in NYC and I’m a “sucker”
        * And some other hogwash

        I shot her very WEAK so-called arguments like ducks in a row in my response. So far, she’s not been able to come up with a counter. No surprise there. Only counter I could think of is for her to delete my posts in sheer desperation.

        Her article is a load of baloney. So, Amen to that.

      • LasViega

        Oops, let me correct my own grammar before somebody else does.

        *Possibly and *worn instead of possible and weared. Well, it happens.

        Even to white sock-wearers like myself.

    • Patrick

      Guys look ridiculous in anything but white athletic socks, no matter what else we”re wearing. You clearly lead one hell of a sheltered life if you think good guys wearing white socks is an impossibility.

      As a 24 year old GAY guy who wears nothing but white over-the-calf athletic tube socks, I can assure you you’re as delusional as a bitch can be.

    • Bill Payer

      Hey, at least he actually PAID for those socks!

    • LasViega

      However, I will point out that I was actually wearing coloured socks at the time I wrote that post with those grammar errors in it, so… :)

      I’d say just one thing in Ms. Chatel’s favour, though:

      Despite the fact that both her article and “arguments” to boot are very weak, it was a somewhat entertaining read.

    • NGPM

      Speaking as a man who is wearing gray over-the-calf dress socks at the moment…

      … a man who regularly wears white socks to something other than the gym is missing something with respect to social polish. Typically this is an indication of a “lower”-class upbringing or education, so it is not totally unreasonable that it would turn a girl off. It’s an indication of the mobility she is likely to encounter. Even a man from a “lower-class” background/occupation who knows how to dress well comes across better and, by virtue of attractiveness, is likely to go much further with his station in life.

      Two caveats, however. First of all, from an aesthetic standpoint, white socks are far more forgivable – even outside the gym – if they are worn with sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt (*not* including polos). If this be a man’s regular uniform, athletic shoes would actually be preferable to almost anything else other than Sperry Topsiders. In that case, white socks are fine, but they should definitely NOT rise above the ankles.

      (I’m not even going to address the phenomenon of shorts, because in my mind no man over 13 has any business wearing shorts, even on holiday. Maybe that’s because I live in Europe, but it is my heartfelt belief.)

      Second, the author’s New York residence (as well as my European residence) may indeed make a difference as to how she views this issue, but not just because of snobbery. New York is simply more fashion-conscious than most of the rest of North America, and on much of the East Coast (as well as in most large European cities and pretty much all of Italy) it is not stigmatized as “effeminate” for a man to be polished and well-dressed, even sometimes among the lower classes (at least in the case of Italy). However, in certain other quarters, it is. (I say this as a man who grew up in Heartland, U.S.A.) Women around those parts who limited their choices to men who do not wear white socks might find a rough time competing for the pool of detail-conscious men who are not either a bit wimpy or overly “mamma’s boys” (though French and Italian men do tend to have serious mommy problems, too – maybe no matter where you are it is simply true that you just have to pick and choose!).

      SO… women, by all means, set whatever criteria you choose, but in any case keep on spreading the word about nasty white socks! It needs to go far and wide.

      • Patrick

        This is one of the most pompous, delusional and class warfare-baiting things ever written. In all seriousness, fuck you.

      • Steven van Westing.

        Wearing white socks means only one thing …. the guy bought white socks.

        How much money is in his wallet is not going to spawn some sort of chemical response making him feel icky about white socks.

        Google some images of politicians prime ministers and presidents and you’ll catch many of them wearing white socks underneath the suit.

        These men are obviously not “lower class” or “uneducated”

        So untill you have some scientific survey showing how white socks are tied to lower class income or stupidity, you should shut the fuck up, and stop pretending that your nonsense good-for-nothing “fashion” gestapo rules are even remotely significant to anyone or anything.

        Greets a well educated successful white socks wearing man.

    • LasViega

      @515f76513fbd9ba672e515cf19cfae74:disqus You nailed it perfectly in your responses to NGPM and Amanda Chatel, Mr. Patrick. Those responses pretty much sum up how I feel about the matter and such people too.

    • Nicky

      Depends on the guy, age and what type of sock it is, if it’s the ones in the picture then nope and those hairy legs are eww, my bf always wears those really long and thick black slouch socks, but he wears the same sock in white some times around the house, he wears them scrunched up around his ankles for warmth as our house is cold plus he broke his ankle years ago and they provide extra warmth when it’s playing up, he won’t wear white out side or to work just the black ones, white socks on guys with massive of hair looks hideous he’s lucky in that he only has blonde bum fluff on his legs so he looks pretty damn cute especially in the morning with his half size pj bottoms on and the white slouch socks, some guys can get away with it and some guys look stupid

      • Steven van Westing

        If you like guys with bald legs …. maybe you should date a queer or transvestite, rather than an underage boy.

    • Vara

      This is easily the most shallow, preposterous thing I have ever read in my life. I am just going to assume that this article in its entireity is just a “troll” article because I wouldn’t like to believe that there are people in this world who have serious mental issues like this. If you actually stay up all night trying to figure out how to ban white socks, you are even worse than Twilight and Justin Beiber fans. You must have had an increadably sheltered life and can’t look at people for who they are but only wat they wear. you think that wearking white socks is some kind of sign that people are boring? That they arn’t going anywhere in life? That is just absolutely pompus. Have you ever considered that, especially on guys, that any other socks BUT white look just plain silly? Have you ever considered they might be CHEAPER then just about every other sock, and that they usually come in large bundle packs, too? I mean who really sees socks, especially on a guy? They are usually wearing pants that cover that area anyway, unless its summer or near summer time and they are wearing shorts instead- and if they were wearing shorts you know how hard it would be to match with crazy looking/colored socks? Thats just really akward. How can you just declare somebody “shameful” and “meaningless” (in your own words) just because they wear white socks? I think you need to re-evaluate yourself as a person, because you have some serious issues to work out for sure.

      • Steven van Westing

        Thanks for the understanding, for my work i always wear a suit, and the thing is, that only white, black or grey socks suffice, and there is a heavy emphasis on wearing white socks.

        She thinks people who wear white socks are boring because they’re generally guys with suits on.

        Since she is one of those leftist wannabe anarchists, (Google her name) and probably participated in the occupy protests, she thinks that everyone has the freedom to dress goofy and wear a mixpot of colors to work.

        Therefore she assumes that civilized people who work are ought to be despised for not being “fun” in some way or another.

        As you’ve pointed out, she’s hopelessly shallow, and not even a little stylish. (note her 50′s European Jewish woman look) … all very retro.

    • NGPM

      I think “Patrick” and “LasViega” might be in for a shock as to how little “people like myself” care what they think. (Hint: it has less to do with the social class reflected in your wardrobe choices than it does with the I.Q. level reflected in your vocabulary choices.)

    • LasViega

      As a matter of fact, NGPM, is that I exposed Amanda Chatel’s complete lack of reasoning without using any profanity. Her only response thus far was a very weak one. No surprise there – I expected as much from a feeble-minded and shallow person. She even contradicted herself at one point in her response compared to what she stated in her article! That further proves my point and goes a long way in exposing what a lost cause her “campaign” really is.

      It doesn’t bother me how little you care what I think – you siding with someone as pathetically weak like Amanda Chatel speaks volumes. I couldn’t care less about people like you and her anyway. I’ve come across your type of people IRL (pompous elitists). I reject them at first glance. Doesn’t matter if they’d reject me as well… Good riddance.

      By the way, I don’t mind Patrick using profanity – his responses still perfectly hit the nail on the head. After all, maybe you really should go **** yourself? :)

    • Steven van Westing

      I just googled some images of the short semi-fat cave troll that wrote piece of shit article, and i have to say … don’t worry Amanda, any decent guy wearing white socks won’t date regardless of what you wear.

      If you base your love life on something as insignificant as the color of one’s socks then toodles and good luck dying alone, you’re stupid, shallow, and your worries and concerns are just sooooo petty and pathetic.

      Oh, and you’re fucking ugly, and whatever socks you’re wearing … it’s not gonna compensate.

      Some women just …. aarrrggghh

      • LasViega

        Couldn’t agree more, van Westing!

        She’s far from attractive. Nobody is well in their rights to impose fashion laws on others. And when looking the way she does, even less so. I wouldn’t date someone like that in a million years. *Ugh*. Her “Gorgeous Swedish boyfriend” probably looks like someone who came crawling out of a toilet in Nowheresville to boot.

        As a lot of people on here presumably already know, she also wants a ban on sweatpants.

        She was simply the loser and least attractive girl in her class. She envied the attractive girls that actually had the physique to look sexy in sweatpants and white socks and was probably the laughing stock and favourite victim of bullying of said girls.

        And she’s gotten some judgemental idea inside her void intellect that any and every guy who chooses to wear white socks must be a completely worthless, one-dimensional slob.

        A lot of us have voiced our say and put this unwanted element of society in her rightful place. New York City and its (for the most part) fine, upstanding citizens deserve a lot better.

        She won’t “weed out” anybody anytime soon.

    • LasViega

      She did manage to stir up a few followers on here with this Kindergarten-Baloney she wrote – of course also using the classic slob-stereotypes for reference as justification.
      Any and all followers of Amanda eventually will fall flat on their nose with this one, when their “reasons” are just pulled out of thin air – identical to her own “reasoning”. “Respect to social polish” can go bite the dust as far as I’m concerned.
      I’m not the one for further rubbing it in to someone who’s already been put in her place, namely Ms. Chatel, but…
      She’s made a fool out herself in the past with some other stuff as well – insipid bashing on Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and the one-stick-short-of-a-bundle desire to ban sweatpants. She might have made some decent points in some other articles – which I probably couldn’t care less about.
      Fact is, she screwed herself BIG-TIME with this one some 3 (coming up on 4) years ago. Way I see it, she’s got absolutely and permanently ZERO credibility and should never have the final say-so in any matter ever again.

    • Alex

      I hope every guy in existence reads this column and decides HE doesn’t want to date a shallow, stupid twit like YOU. :D